‘Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Episode 18 Spoilers: Is Joon Jae’s Life In Danger? A Close Friend Betrays Lee Min Ho’s Character

Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18 spoilers are making waves online as fans speculate about a forthcoming danger to Heo Joon Jae’s life brought about by a betrayal of someone close to him.

Exciting twists are coming for TLOTBS fans to enjoy in the Korean drama’s last three episodes now that many of the show’s antagonists finally reveal their true color.

In the Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 17, fans were treated to a very emotional scene where Joon Jae — the lead character played by Lee Min Ho — rushes to his father’s house after receiving an apologetic voice mail from him only to find his dad is already dead.

Fans were crushed by the scene, knowing that antagonists Kang Seo Hee (Oh Yeon Ah) and Ma Dae Young’s (Sung Dong Il) plans have already reached its pivotal moment and that their favorite conman who has finally decided to take care of his father lost the chance to do so.

Now, Legend of the Blue SeaEpisode 18 spoilers indicate the possibility of the past repeating itself which basically means Joon Jae may die.

According to Gosh TV, Heo Joon Jae’s life will be in danger in the upcoming new episode of the Korean drama as Joo Nam Doo (Lee Hee Joon) is revealed to be one of two people who will prevent a happily ever after for the on-screen couple.

In a previous article from the Inquisitr, it was speculated that Joon Jae and Shim Cheong’s love story will be short-lived though it wasn’t clear until now that the senior conman will be one of the people to make it so.

In Episode 17, it was shown that Nam Doo has regained his memory of Shim Cheong’s secret identity and is planning to make a move in order to profit from it.

Even though Shim Cheong erased his memory, Nam Doo was able to understand the meaning of bits and pieces of their conversation at the time and was able to realize that Shim Cheong was really a silver-tailed mermaid whose tears turn to precious pearls.

With this in mind, Gosh TV speculates that while Nam Doo is Joon Jae’s friend, there is no doubt that he will protect Shim Cheong even from him — even if it means his death.

According to the Inquisitr report, Shim Cheong’s abilities can only erase memories but not the feelings that go with it which is why Nam Doo will continue on his evil path the same way that Ma Dae Young will.

Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18 spoilers reveal that without having enough time to grieve his father’s death, Joon Jae will rush home to save Shim Cheong.

While it is still unclear how Joon Jae will be able to think about his mermaid girlfriend at a time of grief, Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18 spoilers strongly suggest that he will try to prevent Nam Doo from using Shim Cheong to earn money.

Unfortunately, a preview clip of the upcoming Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18 show Nam Doo hitting his junior in the head after he is shown speaking with Heo Chi-Hyun (Lee Ji Hoon) while Choi Jung Woo’s former and present family grieve his death.

Basis for this Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18 spoilers is the Korean drama’s characters’ previous lives which magically mirror what is happening at present day. Apparently, Nam Doo and Chi-Hyun were both servants in their past lives though this information is only known to Manager Nam who is currently in comatose.

In a scene showing Manager Nam (Choi Kwon) dreaming about his life during the Joseon era, it was revealed that the senior conman and Joon Jae’s stepbrother are both after a certain document that Kim Dam Ryeong (Joon Jae’s past self) left in the care of his loyal friend. What that document is remains unknown.

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