Kathy Hilton Slams Eden Sassoon For Probing Kyle Richards On Kim Richards’ Sobriety

What does Kathy Hilton think of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer Eden Sassoon asking Kyle Richards multiple questions regarding their sister Kim Richards’ sobriety? On Sunday, a blogger, in reference to Eden’s interest and opinion on Kim’s sobriety, tweeted to Kathy that she thinks that Kim needs a restraining order against Eden.

Kathy’s response made it clear that she thinks that Eden’s desperate. According to Kathy, Eden’s so desperate that she would steal the gold out of her grandmother’s teeth.


Kathy Hilton’s scathing opinion regarding Eden Sassoon may be attributed to not just what Eden said about her sister Kim Richards but also what she implied about their mother. A clip for the latest The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode shows Lisa Rinna, Eden, and Kyle Richards together. Eden asked Kyle about a ring that she’s wearing that belonged to her mom. Kyle shared that her mother passed away from breast cancer 14 years ago and that she was a character. Eden then all of a sudden brought up Kim’s drinking and asked who passed it down to her. Eden basically outright asked Kyle if Kim’s drinking problem came from their mother.

“Now did, may I, where did the drinking come from in your family? Did it get passed down from somewhere? Was your mom a drinker?”

Kyle looked visibly shocked by the question and couldn’t even form a response. Lisa, meanwhile, looked away uncomfortably. After a few moments of silence, Kyle denied that her mom had a drinking problem and questioned why Eden would think that.

“She was not an alcoholic…um…I don’t know. Does it always have to come from somewhere?”

Eden, who struggled with alcoholism but has now been sober for years and whose mother is a recovering alcoholic, maintained that Kim’s drinking problem has to have come from somewhere.

“No but you would think at some point, yeah, definitely so, somewhere.”

Eden then shared that Kim, whom she met for the first time at Kyle’s game night, reminds her of her sister who passed away from substance abuse.

“She reminds me more of my sister. She reminds me of my sister that was in the thick of it and just sort of sitting in the clouds…she’s sad. Her energy’s heavy…”

Kyle expressed bewilderment that Eden could come to that conclusion about Kim from meeting her that one night. Kyle maintained that Kim’s sober. Eden then peppered Kyle with questions, including whether Kim worked a program and if she currently works with people on her sobriety. Kyle replied that she doesn’t really talk about it with Kim. Eden then gave her opinion that Kyle’s still struggling with her sobriety.

“She’s going through it. She’s journeying through it…I feel pain. It’s hard for me to watch. She could be struggling.”

In her confessional interview, Kyle criticized Eden, who revealed on last week’s episode that her late sister knew Kim, during the heyday of her substance abuse, for being so intrusive.

“Whoa back up. I don’t even know you. Why are you jumping to conclusions?…’Let’s talk about Kim. How’s your relationship with Kim? Tell me more about Kim. Tell me about your family background. Tell me about your family tree.’ Can you just be quiet a minute?”


During Kim’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live a week ago, host Andy Cohen actually played the clip of Eden questioning Kyle about her alcoholism and sobriety. Asked for her thoughts regarding the scene, Kim made it clear that she doesn’t appreciate Eden’s questions.

“Well I don’t know Eden and once again there’s these people that I don’t know that go talking about me so [shrugs]. You know the thing is, if I was struggling, everybody would know it because I wear, I wear it, very well. And I wear healthy-ness very well and I think people see it so…I’m tired of being that story to people.”

Kathy may soon have something to say about Lisa. Another clip for the latest The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode shows Eden Sassoon talking about Kim’s sobriety in another scene with Lisa. This time, it was Lisa making some bold statements, including that Kim’s “mostly sober,” that Kyle is Kim’s “enabler,” and that Kim is “this close to dying.”

On Tuesday night, Kyle tweeted that she’s definitely not an enabler.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lisa Rinna said during her Watch What Happens Live appearance in February 2016 that a good friend of Kim Richards’ thanked her for bringing up the issue of Kim’s sobriety on the show. It’s likely that Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards, who have been publicly supportive of Kim and critical of those who question her sobriety, don’t have the same sentiment.

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