Alleged Cop Killer Markeith Loyd Captured By Police — Loyd Claims ‘They Beat Me Up’ When Being Taken Into Custody

After a long manhunt, alleged cop killer Markeith Loyd has been captured by the Orlando Police Department and is now in custody. His capture came late on Tuesday evening after he was said to have “made a mistake” of some kind. Not much is known yet about how exactly he was found and brought into custody. He was indeed arrested and even detained in the handcuffs of the late Lt. Debra Clayton, who Loyd is accused of shooting and killing, but was he beaten up by the police?

WESH has confirmed that the manhunt is over for Markeith Loyd who was wanted after allegedly shooting and killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend back in December. Just last week, he allegedly shot and killed Lt. Debra Clayton during a shootout at an Orlando Walmart.

As Loyd was being brought into the Orlando Police Department, reporters were on the scene and watching him taken into the building. Reporters began yelling questions at him and asking him what happened, and that was when he yelled back, “They beat me up!”

Anyone watching the video above can see that the left-hand side of Markeith Loyd’s face does look swollen and his eye even appears to be closed. Nothing is known as to how those injuries may have occurred or when he received them.

The day of the shooting at the Walmart, the Orlando Police Department offered a reward of $60,000 for any information leading to his arrest. Days later, the reward was raised to $100,000. On Tuesday, the reward was raised again to $125,000, and local news reports state that within six hours of his arrest, a tip came in that led police to his location.

Immediately, the internet began reacting to Markeith Loyd’s capture, and it wasn’t necessarily favorable for a man that is accused of shooting and killing an Orlando Police Officer.

I’ve seen Markeith’s face. I’m not a doctor, but I think he’s suffering from something known as JUSTICE. #MarkeithLoyd

— Nick Dennis (@_NickD) January 18, 2017

Here’s a look at Markeith Loyd as he was taken to @OrlandoPolice HQ. Said, “They beat me up.” I bet they did.

— Justin Warmoth (@JustinWarmoth) January 18, 2017

Click Orlando reported that Markeith Loyd was taken into custody with very little resistance and that there was “no further bloodshed” in his arrest. Social media is running wild with comments and pictures of Loyd being taken into custody, and the majority of them are focusing on his face.


UPDATE at 8:35 p.m ET: During the press conference by the Orlando Police Department, it was revealed that Markeith Loyd did attempt to flee upon being found at a home. Upon trying to escape out the back, police confronted him, he went back into the home, and then exited out the front.

Police state that he resisted arrest and his face was “banged up” a little, but Chief John Mina said, “they look minor to me.” Markeith Loyd did have two handguns in his possession upon being arrested, and one gun had a high-capacity drum which could hold up to 100 rounds.

Chief John Mina also stated that it was not a tip that led to the capture of Loyd, but it was simply “great police work.”

Over the course of the past month, three people have been accused of helping Markeith Loyd avoid police and evade capture since he allegedly shot and killed 24-year-old Sade Dixon in Pine Hills, Florida. Since then, Zarghee Mayan, one of the people accused of helping him, told police that Loyd has been wearing a bulletproof vest since December.

It has been a long week and month as the manhunt has continued on, but there is plenty of relief in Orlando on Tuesday evening as Markeith Loyd has been captured.

After a week-long manhunt for an alleged cop killer, Markeith Loyd has been captured and is currently in the custody of the Orlando Police Department. As for the police officers who took him into custody, they were more than pleased to arrest him and detain him in the handcuffs of the late Lt. Debra Clayton. Now, there is a long road ahead to find out all the information and motive behind these killings which will eventually lead to a trial, but will issues arise over Loyd’s claims that the police beat him up?

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