Tom Hardy Sticks With ‘Mad Max’ Franchise, But May Double Up As The New James Bond

Tom Hardy is one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now with his Mad Max: Fury Road success followed up by appearances in The Revenant and Legend, all of which has paved the way for Hardy’s own labor of love, the FX series, Taboo, and a number of new projects in the works. Among those new projects, Hardy has already committed to reprising his own version of Max Rockatansky in the Mad Max film franchise with two more sequels planned. If that’s not enough to keep the name Tom Hardy on the minds of film fanatics, there’s also talk that the actor has shown interest in picking up the mantel from Daniel Craig by playing Ian Fleming’s 007, James Bond.

Mad Max: Fury Road Paved The Way For Future Sequels For Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy, Mad Max
Tom Hardy is all set to revive his character in the Mad Max franchise. [Image by Warner Bros. Pictures]

The revival of the Mad Max franchise with Fury Road was such an overwhelming success that talk of more sequels seemed to erupt, even before the film hit theaters, but, as Games Radar points out, confirmed details have been few and far between for future Mad Max films. It seems odd, considering the impressive box office numbers garnered by Mad Max: Fury Road, that there would even be a question as to whether there would be new films in the franchise, yet, for Tom Hardy, there was never a debate.

Hardy recently explained that he has never doubted the future of the Mad Max franchise, suggesting his only concern was the timing. Tom says Fury Road director George Miller has definite plans for more Mad Max stories, hoping to delve deep into Max’s origins and also to open up a greater Furiosa (Charlize Theron) story arc.

“I’m really just waiting for the call like, ‘All right, let’s get the leathers on and get back out there and do some more.’ It’s there. I’m just waiting for it and looking forward to it,” says Mr. Hardy.

Following up those thoughts, Tom confirmed that he has signed up to do a total of three Mad Max films, one of which was Fury Road, and Hardy also revealed that one of the follow-up sequels would be entitled Mad Max: Wasteland. With Wasteland, Tom says the title may be subject to change, adding that, as far as he knows, that is the planned title.

While Hardy does love the material, he took a moment to share his love for Miller, suggesting that the director plays a big part in his willingness to commit to the Mad Max franchise.

“I love working with George [Miller] and the fact that his mythology is so deep,” Tom says.

“It’s a joy to work with an artist and somebody who has the ability to be a movie maker, as well. It’s the full package, isn’t it?”

Tom Hardy Doesn’t Want To Jinx His Chances For Playing James Bond

Tom Hardy, James Bond, Daniel Craig
Tom Hardy secretly hopes to pick up the James Bond torch from Daniel Craig. [Image by Columbia Pictures]

Admittedly, there is much speculation around the future of James Bond, particularly with Daniel Craig going back and forth in deciding whether or not to return to the Ian Fleming based film series, but, as Cinema Blend reveals, another Hollywood A-lister may have thrown his hat into the ring. Rumors suggest that Tom Hardy has shown interest in taking up the role of James Bond, though, when asked directly, Hardy is reluctant to give a definite answer.

“You know, there’s a saying amongst us in the fraternity of acting, and in the fellowship of my peer group, that if you talk about it you’re automatically out of the race,” Tom Hardy recently said on the subject of competing for the Bond role.

“So I can’t possibly comment on that one! If I mention it, it’s gone.”

In a day when keeping teasers and spoilers from leaking to the public is a big business in itself, it seems understandable that James Bond producers want an actor capable of keeping details secret. Whether or not Tom’s tight-lipped nature will benefit him in getting the James Bond role, it seems obvious that running his mouth about merely competing for the role may work against him in any event.

As far as actually getting the role, it’s still far too early to even guess at who might take on the James Bond role. There’s still the chance that Craig may yet return. Even if Daniel’s 007 days are over, Tom Hardy may be low on a list that includes actors hoping to bring more cultural diversity and gender equality to the James Bond character.

Currently, Tom Hardy is starring as James Keziah Delaney on FX’s Taboo, which airs on Tuesdays.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]