Ozzy Osbourne A Survivor And Rebel To The End, The Black Sabbath Frontman Cheats Death Regularly: Kelly, Jack, And Sharon Have Seen A Lot

Ozzy Osbourne has repeatedly evaded capture by the grim reaper. Even when Osbourne felt ready to go, neither heaven nor hell is ready to take on the Prince of Darkness. When one recalls the Black Sabbath frontman’s life, it is hard to even count all the times Ozzy nearly died.

Kelly Osbourne has seen her parents Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne both very close to death in the same ambulance. Jack Osbourne has seen his father so nearly dead a number of times as well, but the Prince of Darkness seems kind of invincible.

Ozzy Osbourne as everyone knows has drank enough over the years to put most people, and maybe most elephants, into liver failure. No one, probably not even Ozzy, even knows how many times the Prince of Darkness, nearly overdosed on drugs and alcohol. While so many of his contemporaries, never lived to see 40, The Black Sabbath Frontman remains a survivor, even when he’d have rather not.

Ozzy Osbourne shared one of his first close calls with his fiance, later to become his wife, Sharon Osbourne. The plane crash that claimed the life of Black Sabbath guitarist, Randy Rhoads, could have killed Ozzy, Sharon and the rest of Black Sabbath as well. On March 19, 1982, Randy Rhoads only 25-years-old, along with the band’s seamstress and cook Rachel Youngblood age 58, and their bus driver turned pilot, 36-year-old Andrew Aycock perished in a fiery crash.

Black Sabbath had parked their tour bus at the beautiful country estate of country singer Jerry Calhoun. In the early morning hours, Randy Rhoads, Rachel Youngblood and the band’s bus driver, Andrew Aycock decided to take Calhoun’s private plane for a joyride according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

Black Sabbath’s frontman Ozzy Osbourne, band manager Sharon Osbourne, Drummer Tommy Aldridge, and keyboardist Don Airey, were asleep on the bus when the plane actually clipped the tour bus before crashing into Calhoun’s mansion.

Ozzy Osbourne described the accident in a sworn statement quoted by Ultimate Classic Rock

“I was awoken from my sleep by a loud explosion. immediately thought that we’d hit a vehicle on the road. I got out of bed, screaming to my fiancee Sharon: ‘Get off the bus!’ After getting out of the bus, I saw that a plane had crashed. I didn’t know who was on the plane at the time.”

Ozzy Osbourne, though not physically injured, was shattered by the loss of a dear friend and amazing guitarist, Randy Rhoads, according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

“We loved each other very dearly. I swear to God, the tragedy of my life is the day he died. Randy gave me a purpose; he gave me hope.”

As Ozzy Osbourne recently listened to an isolated track from the original recording of Crazy Train, which Randy Rhoads co-wrote with Ozzy, he got very emotional according to Guitar World.

“Randy Rhoads was a big part of my life, and he still is to a certain degree. I’m always thinking about him.”

Ozzy Osbourne And Rudy Sarzo circa 2980s

Ozzy Osbourne had another close call back in 2002 when Sharon Osbourne suffered a seizure due to the powerful cancer medications that ultimately prevailed to save Sharon’s life. After the seizure, though, Ozzy was convinced that Sharon, the love of his life, was on her way out. Kelly Osbourne’s recent book “There is no F*cking Secret: Letters From a Bada** B**ch,” is quoted by Loudwire.

“Dad was there in his boxers and I watched him scoop his hands into a bowl of pills, swallow a handful of something and then wash it down with vodka” after learning that Sharon had suffered a seizure while receiving cancer treatments.

According to Kelly Osbourne, her father Ozzy Osbourne wanted to die along with his wife Sharon on that ambulance ride, with his hand on her face.

“[Ozzy] leaned over to put his hand out to see if mum was breathing. Then he passed out with his hand over her mouth… The EMTs tried to pull him off, and Dad, not knowing where he was or what he was doing, started to resist out of habit. They pulled over the ambulance and started to call the police. Dad could not handle the thought of losing mum”

Ozzy Osbourne did not die that night, though, nor did his beloved Sharon. He wanted to go out like Romeo and Juliette but both he and Sharon escaped death. By some miracle, both survived.

The Black Sabbath frontman had his most famous brush with death the following year when The Prince of Darkness crashed an all-terrain four-wheel drive vehicle. According to The Daily Mail, The Black Sabbath frontman says he actually died twice at the scene of the accident that left Sharon Osbourne terrified for nearly a month but was resuscitated twice by his bodyguard Sam Ruston.

Ozzy Osbourne, who was not wearing a safety helmet, suffered eight broken ribs, a crushed collar bone, a punctured lung, and a crushed neck vertebra. Sharon was terrified as her husband lay in a coma for eight days, but as fans know The Black Sabbath frontman again survived.

In 2013, Ozzy Osbourne suffered burns in a house fire, but the Black Sabbath singer again prevailed, leaving Ozzy in good shape after yet another close call.

Ozzy and Jack Osbourne

Jack Osbourne recounts his father’s most recent brush with death. After swearing off all terrain vehicles, and going on a health kick, Sharon Osbourne thought that the Black Sabbath icon would be safe, just going on a road trip with Jack for a TV show. Unfortunately, it seems that the scorned and defeated reaper is just getting silly with attempts on Ozzy’s life.

Ozzy Osbourne nearly choked to death on a vitamin in 2016 according to Jack Osbourne. Jack was quoted by Ultimate Classic Rock explaining Jack’s father’s mishap.

“He was lying down on the couch, took a handful of vitamins and then he coughed, The pill shot into his lung, and we had to get him into the hospital to get it removed. It was a bit of a shock.”

Again Ozzy Osbourne was saved, this time from a hideously ironic fate. After years of drinking, street drugs, and pharmaceutical pills, The Prince of Darkness finds vitamins deadly? Thank goodness the Black Sabbath frontman sidestepped death once again.


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Though perhaps a few times in the past, Ozzy Osbourne was ready to give up, Kelly and Jack Osbourne’s dad is currently taking his life in stride. Ozzy and Sharon are ready to take on old age, but the Prince of Darkness is not about to settle down and age gracefully. The only Black Sabbath member who has not retired is currently writing music and planning to headline at the Chicago Open Air Festival.

Today Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack Osbourne are looking forward to a bright future. The family plans to have Ozzy around for a long time. Sharon Osbourne said she didn’t want her Prince of Darkness still singing Crazy Train at 75, but The Black Sabbath frontman disagreed. Sharon’s handsome husband plans to keep performing as long as possible, no matter what Sharon says.

Ozzy Osbourne is still riding that Crazy Train called life, and nothing or no one is going to throw him off.

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