Election Tracker: Electoral Vote Projections And Exit Polls For Online Poll Watchers

Election trackers to watch electoral votes as they are projected and exit polls as they come in abound online, and allow you to monitor the election in progress as it unfolds.

One election tracker monitoring electoral votes, exit polls and general polling data can be found over on Talking Points Memo, providing an in-depth look at the results as they filter in. (While TPM leans left, the site is aggregating electoral vote projections and exit polls from a great number of sources.)

The election tracker at TPM centers not only on projection of electoral votes, but also allows you to drill down on local elections, as well as individual swing states like Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, Florida and New Hampshire.

Nate Silver’s 538 blog offers some insight into swing state electoral votes and projections for each, and as of now predicts a clear Obama lead in major swing states.

The New York Times is offering a wealth of specific election trackers as well, including a poll tracker for the Senate and one for the house.


For a more hands-on and less official election tracker, Twitter is trending with the #IVoted hashtag, and users are reporting their voting habits across the country.

election tracker exit pollsPC Magazine has pulled together a list of election trackers online (mostly major news outlets like CNN and MSNBC), but also has this to say about UStream and election results:

USTREAM: UStream has featured Election Day partners, who will live stream their content on the video service. That includes CBS News (starting at 4 p.m.), the Chicago Tribune (5 p.m.), PBS NewsHour (4 p.m.), the Washington Post (3 p.m.), and the Wall Street Journal (5 p.m). Hover over your news outlet of choice and click the ‘Remind Me’ button to get a reminder before coverage begins.”

Are you using an online election tracker as the election progresses?