Jake T Austin Finally Reveals The Real Reason He Left ‘The Fosters’

Ever since Jake T Austin left The Fosters on Freeform, the fans have wondered what would make him leave. Hollywood Life shared that Jake is finally speaking out and sharing what made him decide it was time to move on. When he left, they made the big decision to replace Jake T Austin and put a new actor on the show as Jesus. Fans missed him, but never really heard what had happened or why he was gone.

Jake T Austin left the show in Season 2. When he did, he was quiet about what went down. Now his fans have been asking him on Twitter, and Jake T Austin finally decided to share the details with them of why he left the show. One fan asked if it was true that Jake left the show because he didn’t want to do teenage roles anymore. That wasn’t the case at all, though. Jake T Austin said, “Not true. I just wanted to do roles with more substantive content.” Jake then went on to say, “I was only asked to return for 3 episodes and wasn’t going to be able to work on anything else, so I left…”

When Jake T Austin actually left The Fosters, he said “I’m honored to have been a part of such a groundbreaking series, but I personally want to let you know that my time on the show has come to an end. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family, it’s been a pleasure. -JTA.” Since his time on the show, Jake T Austin has done Dancing With the Stars and filmed a movie called The Valley that will be out later this year. It has given him time to focus on other projects, which it sounds like is what he wanted to do.

When Jake T Austin left the show, The Inquistr shared a few details about what allegedly happened. Maia Mitchell recently shared, “[He] wasn’t the right fit. He wasn’t interested in doing the show anymore, so he left.” Maia also loves the new actor Noah in the role and went on Twitter, saying, “Noah is an angel & kills it in this role. Jesus is more engaging and textured than ever before. Bow down????????.”

The Fosters has kept the role of Jesus around even though Jake T Austin left. The fans have learned to embrace the new actor even though it was a bit hard for them. It will be very interesting to see where Jake T Austin ends up landing next.

Just Jared Jr. shared that Jake T Austin has been busy with something else since leaving The Fosters and he actually has a book coming out. He actually shared recently on Instagram saying, “I think it’s time to finally share my story with you guys. #TheBookOfJake #comingsoon.” Jake T Austin would probably explain a lot more about what is going on in his life and what happened with The Fosters in an actual book written by him. Fans can’t wait to get more details straight from Jake T Austin.

Are you shocked that Jake T Austin made the choice to leave The Fosters? Do you think that the show would be better if he were still there? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of The Fosters when it returns to Freeform. The new season will start airing on January 31.

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]