NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Signing Jordan Farmar As Lebron's Playmaker

The Cleveland Cavaliers are still in the process of giving Lebron James the extra playmaker that he wants desperately. The Cavaliers are not looking too hot as of the moment and are rumored to be trying out free agents Kirk Hinrich, Lance Stephenson, and Jordan Farmar. But if recent reports are true, then it is Jordan Farmar who is going to win that coveted roster spot from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to ESPN, Farmar has already been told by the Cavaliers that he is going to be their top choice when they sign a backup point guard. Jordan Farmar has been open to a 10-day contract, which probably added to the allure for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

While he does not have the name of the other guys on Cleveland's radar, Farmar is the safest and best fit for the Cavaliers. Farmar can give Cleveland a bit of scoring punch off the bench while providing quality minutes as a playmaker when Kyrie and Lebron go to the bench for a breather. The other guys that the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking into are Mario Chalmers, Lance Stephenson, and Kirk Hinrich. All of them present a substantial amount of risk compared to Jordan Farmar for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Mario Chalmers was thought to be a front-runner because of his relationship with Lebron James. However, Chalmers is coming off a major knee injury and could a major risk for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are in dire need of a backup point guard. The other player is Lance Stephenson, who is an amazing playmaker and good scorer when he is focused. But unfortunately, that rarely happens for the mercurial guard. Lastly, Kirk Hinrich is another desirable option, and it is reported that the guard is seeking a long term contract with the Cavaliers.

At the end of they day, Farmar's willingness to sign a 10-day contract might just be the biggest reason why the Cleveland Cavaliers are going with him. This will enable Cleveland to test Farmar out while having the option to replace him before the trade deadline. This is extremely important for the Cavaliers as they are also looking for a backup center to replace the injured Chris Andersen.

It is worth noting that the Cleveland Cavaliers telling Farmar he is the top candidate does not necessarily mean that the team will sign him up. The Cavaliers are taking their sweet time in getting a backup point guard, and it could indicate that they are trying to test out more players. A spot at the Cavaliers' bench is really attractive for players who have recently been cut by their last NBA teams.

However, the Cleveland Cavaliers may need to take up Jordan Farmar on that 10-day contract. According to the Washington Post, the Cavaliers' most valuable player has already voiced his frustrations at Cleveland's inability to land a playmaker. Lebron James is unlike any other NBA player as he holds a lot of sway within the organization that he plays for. The Cleveland Cavaliers may need to appease their king if they want to keep him happy. And a safe solution is to provide him with Jordan Farmar while they hold out for a more attractive option.

Jordan Farmar's recent good showing in the tryouts might be a good sign for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They have been losing quite an alarming number of games and is in danger of gassing out in the post season. With the young and hungry Boston Celtics nipping at their heels and a mighty Golden State Warriors team looming in another high profile finals matchup, the Cleveland Cavaliers need to make some moves before the NBA trade deadline passes.

[Featured Image by Isaac Brekken/AP Images]