Tom Arnold Won’t Be Voting For Ex-Wife Roseanne Barr

Today is Election Day, and though actress Roseanne Barr is running for president, she can’t count on a vote from ex-husband Tom Arnold.

Just in case you’re late to the table, Roseanne Barr of Roseanne fame is indeed running for president and will appear on the ballot in some states. According to OTRC, she’s running for the California-based Peace and Freedom Party, promising an end to the war on drugs, to bring our soldiers home, guaranteeing clean water and organic food, to fix the broken economy, implementation of a single-payer healthcare system, and finally to ensure equality for all.

It’s not a Stephen Colbert-style joke, Roseanne is very serious about her presidential bid (so she says), but one person who isn’t taking her very seriously is her ex-husband, Tom Arnold, who scoffed at the idea of voting for her.

Arnold told TMZ “I’m voting for Obama, but for God’s sake let Roseanne have her pot … she’s 60.”

That last jab is a poke at Roseanne’s running platform. We stated it fairly and moderately above, but the actress has made no secret of her love for marijuana. In fact, legalization is pretty much the only thing she’s running on, all that other stuff is secondary.

Her campaign website states:

“The legalization of marijuana is the way to end all Drug Wars and stop the monopoly of the subsidized prison systems. Our government and corporations are getting paid every time someone goes to prison for non-violent crimes due to marijuana arrests. Drug laws need to be rewritten to make them sane and people based. We need to end the prohibition on marijuana and legalize it.”

It’s not a bad platform, and that point alone will likely account for whatever votes she ultimately receives. Though the 2012 election is still too early to call, we’re going to go ahead and venture a guess that the words “President Barr” won’t make it into the common language tomorrow.

Would you vote for Roseanne Barr?