Joseline Hernandez Heads Back To The Club To Earn A $10K Payday Just Weeks After Bonnie Bella’s Birth [Photos]

Joseline Hernandez already teased us all with pictures of her insane post-baby body bounce back. Now the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is doing the most with her recent return to the club. According to TMZ, Joseline was recently paid $10,000 for an appearance at the Museum Bar where she danced, drank, and even rapped a little bit.

Typically, Joseline charges $15,000 for a club appearance but it looks like she was willing to give a discount to do her first gig of 2017. It’s also her first gig since giving birth to baby Bonnie Bella at the end of December, so surely her fans wanted to see how well the Puerto Rican princess has transitioned into motherhood and whether she cheated when taking that post-baby picture she posted just three days after giving birth.

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Joseline Hernandez showed up to the Museum Bar and danced for the crowd while surrounded by about eight bodyguards, according to the report. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star also rapped a little bit for the crowd and she drank a little champagne during her appearance. Despite being a former stripper, Joseline reportedly kept her clothes on during her most recent appearance. Or at least what clothes she was wearing, because based on pictures of her taken that night, she was all dressed up in a very form-fitting, revealing black lace outfit.

While at the Museum Bar for her first gig since giving birth, Joseline is said to have a pretty healthy appetite. She dined on shrimp and steak tacos that were hot off the grill during her appearance.

The feisty LHHATL star must be feeling pretty good for someone who just gave birth a few weeks back. The Museum Bar appearance was all part of BlackPrideATL and Joseline made sure not to miss out. She even knocked her usual appearance fee of $15,000 down to just $10,000 for the evening. It seems like a steal considering that everyone wants to see the Puerto Rican princess now that she’s finally given birth.

Joseline Hernandez definitely didn’t disappoint with her first post-baby pictures. Just three days after giving birth to Bonnie Bella, the LHHATL star posted a picture of herself on Instagram with possibly the flattest antepartum belly ever. She seriously didn’t look like she had ever given birth at all, let alone just three days prior.

She has also been locked in a contentious battle with her former fake husband, fiance, and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta co-star Stevie J. Up to the day she went into labor, the two were battling, with Stevie blasting Joseline, claiming that she was using drugs while pregnant and demanding that Bonnie Bella be drug tested as soon as she was born.

Once their adorable daughter was born, it seemed that Stevie J and Joseline calmed down with the constant threats and made peace for the sake of their baby. While we still haven’t seen an official picture of Bonnie Bella’s face, Stevie J and Joseline are constantly teasing fans with other pictures of the baby girl. So far we’ve seen her from every angle but her face, including several pictures of her from the back and her tiny baby hands. Stevie even posted a selfie with Bonnie Bella in the background “doing a dab” that just happened to cover her baby face while she slept.

If history is any indication, the peace treaty between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez won’t last forever, so it’s good to see that Joseline is happily back at work so soon. She’s looking great considering how recently she gave birth and looks like she bounced right back into her old role with ease.

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