‘Pokemon GO’ Update Released: Version 1.23.1 And 0.53.1 — Apple Watch, Distance Tracking Changes Added

After a month-long wait, a new Pokemon GO update finally released on Tuesday, bringing some new changes to the popular mobile game for both Android and iOS devices. Among the changes were a new update with the Pokemon GO Apple Watch app. In addition, there was a more significant change made when it comes to the distance tracking feature. Here’s a rundown of what changes the Pokemon GO update included for gamers to enjoy when tracking down those hatched characters out and about.

On Tuesday, Heavy reported that the two updates released are version 1.23.1 for the iOS app and version 0.53.1 for the Android app. These new versions didn’t bring a ton of changes or any notable releases of next generation characters, but theydid include a big fix for distance tracking. The patch notes for the latest Pokemon game’s update indicate there is “better account for GPS drift.” In the past, there had been some issues with this, as the game would show that the gamer was moving around and they really weren’t. Some players were using the glitch as a way to increase their overall distance traveled without actually going anywhere to do it. The game creators at Niantic have seemingly put a stop to this tactic.

Pokemon GO update GPS distance tracking fixed

In addition to that distance-tracking glitch being resolved, the Apple Watch app also got a bit of an upgrade. It’s being reported that the Apple Watch app screen can now display eggs obtained from Pokestops. This may not come as the best news for gamers, as not everyone has the Apple Watch or app for playing Pokemon GO. In addition, the fixed glitch may have those gamers who were taking advantage of the glitch a bit upset over it being addressed.

Along with those two relatively small changes, there were also the standard text fixes made. The latest update notes via Niantic Lab give information on all of the latest changes.

Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to version 0.53.1 for Android and 1.23.1 for iOS devices. Below are some release notes and comments from our development team.

  • Updated Apple Watch to display Eggs obtained from PokéStops
  • Changed distance tracking to better account for GPS drift
  • Minor text fixes.

While the latest update includes the aforementioned changes, it could contain more than that. With previous Pokemon GO updates, there were some savvy code examiners who were able to look at the latest code and determine upcoming changes. As of yet, there haven’t been any major clues revealed from these new updates about what else could be coming to the game.

Fans of Pokemon GO are still holding out for bigger things that could be coming to the game in the future. The Birmingham Mail reported recently that the next generation Pokemon launch won’t be happening all at once, but instead will be “dripped out” periodically for gamers. Right now, baby Pokemon has been the only newer character, and it was released back on December 12, leaving gamers to wonder when the next new character(s) will arrive. A bit of a hint message indicating that Professor Willow would be involved in the future has gamers optimistic over some new characters being unveiled.

Pokemon GO warning sign

In addition to that, there’s the upcoming release of the Legendary Pokemon, which is expected to happen in several months. As of right now, the speculation is broad on when the Legendary Pokemon will be unveiled, whether it’s in the spring or summer. That said, the game creators behind Pokemon GO are in desperate need of new ways to generate interest in this mobile title. While it first launched back in the summer of 2016 and became a viral hit with millions of downloads, interest has dropped over the months.

It’s expected there will be some new Pokemon GO events launched that coincide with different holidays. These could include holidays such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or Easter, with some speculation of an April Fool’s event also being discussed. For now, the game creators seem to be hoping there are enough patient and loyal fans willing to wait for any of their next big improvements or events.

If you’re a fan of Pokemon GO, what keeps you playing? Are there any major changes or features you’re still wanting to see in the game?

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]