Rain Surprises Fans With Marriage Announcement To Kim Tae Hee, Rain Desires A ‘Quiet And Pious’ Wedding Ceremony

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji Hoon, has officially announced his upcoming marriage to top Kdrama actress, Kim Tae Hee. Rain expressed his appreciation for Tae Hee in an endearing handwritten letter to his fans on Tuesday. However, due to their country’s economic and political woes, Rain and Tae Hee have decided to make the wedding a low-key event. It was reported earlier today that Rain will marry Kim Tae Hee inside of a Catholic church in Seoul. The Kpop idol used his Instagram account to post the letter about his upcoming nuptials to Kim Tae Hee.


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The Hallyu star began the letter by referencing the cold winter weather and wished everyone good health. Hoon reminisced on his 16-year old career in the entertainment industry. Rain acknowledged his fans who have embarked on his musical journey. He even took note of long-time fans who have grown into beautiful women and have become respectable mothers with their own children.

“Hello… It’s a cold winter, but I trust you’re all healthy?… This is Jung Ji Hoon.”

kdrama rain Kdrama actor, Rain is set to marry Kim Tae Hee after four years of dating. [Image by MJ Kim/Getty Images]

“All of a sudden, it’s been 16 whole years since I debuted. My fans who have been with me all this time, you’ve also grown into beautiful women, or even into respectable mothers to your own children… I also hope to become a respectable husband and man, as the head of a new family. She has been protecting me by my side indefinitely, whether I was happy or facing difficulties, and has moved me through many things, all this time.”

“Now that our faith and love have grown, [we’ve] decided to form a bond.”

“The wedding and the time will be quiet and pious, since it is a time of unrest and economic difficulty for the country. As a result, I ask that you understand that we cannot tell you [about the ceremony].”

“I am very thankful for your love I received over the past 16 years. From here on, I will do my best to show you a good side of me as a great singer and actor, with more responsibility and humility…”

Rain ended the letter with a nod to his new track titled, “The Best Gift.” Rain released the track on January 15, after his three-year hiatus. According to Hello Kpop, the song is about a man’s engagement to his love.

“…She is the best present for me.”

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He added the current date and his birth name, Jung Ji Hoon. Sources close to the couple have said the two Hallyu mega stars will wed at a Catholic church on Thursday with members from both families attending. Kim is a devout Catholic, according to the Korean Times.

Rain And Kim Tae Hee Christmas Wedding Rumors

After four years of dating, fans are elated to hear the news of the Full House star and long-time love, Tae Hee, getting married. The celebrity couple first met while shooting a TV commercial back in 2011 and began dating a year later. The Korean power couple has currently been dating for four years.

Sources revealed that the couple originally planned for a Christmas wedding in 2016. However, due to the controversial political scandals and uprising in the country, the wedding was indefinitely postponed. The lovebirds were unable to wait much longer, so they decided to exchange vows on January 19, as reported by All Kpop.

Debuting as a pop singer in 2002, Rain was later named one of the “100 Most Influential People” by Time magazine in 2006 and 2011. Rain has starred in numerous South Korean TV dramas and Hollywood action pictures including the Wachowski brothers’, Ninja Assassin and Speed Racer.

Kim Tae Hee is often referred to as the country’s, “most beautiful face.” The Korean actress is best known for her roles in well-known Kdramas such as Stairway To Heaven, Iris, My Princess, Love Story In Harvard, and Yong-pal. Similar to her fiance, Rain, Tae Hee has appeared in many television commercials.

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