‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Sonny’s Murder Plot Revealed?

Days of Our Lives spoilers have arrived, and it looks like someone is out to murder Sonny. A report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry reveals that Deimos is up to no good yet again, and that he’s plotting to kill the character after he decides to turn to the dark side yet again. As we know, Deimos has been trying to be a better man for Nicole, but it doesn’t last for long, and when his good spell is over, he will turn his attention towards Sonny. That said, Days viewers might be surprised by what catches his attention.

Days of Our Lives fans have gotten hints that Deimos is battling his demons through flashes, which detail how he threatened to murder Andre, but that’s small fish in the grand scheme of things if Sonny is his next target. Sonny may meet his end if Deimos has anything to do with it.

The recent Days of Our Lives spoilers were compiled after a leaked audition was posted on the popular site Vimeo. This footage appears to be a rough cut, so it isn’t known if Days of Our Lives is keeping this rivalry intact or if they’re going to change things up again, but if they do go for a murder plot, it’s going to heat things up a lot. Interesting enough, spoilers insist that Sonny is going to be the one who puts himself on Deimos’ radar instead of the other way around.

Days of Our Lives fans will soon find out that Sonny may have had enough of Deimos’ ways, so in order to put things on the right track with his family’s business, he might take a risk and expose Deimos, and as we already know Deimos probably won’t take this lightly, which means that Sonny may wind up paying the ultimate price for the sake of doing the right thing.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Sonny hits Deimos with a few punches. The first is that he will take down Titan, and the other is that he has plans to ruin Deimos’ forged relationship with Nicole. While the news about Titan will make Deimos mad, his relationship with Nicole is something he seems to really care about, and once he knows Sonny is behind this takedown, it might be the thing that Deimos finds unforgivable.

Days of Our Lives insiders say that Sonny may tell Nicole something that she doesn’t want to hear about him, which will make her think twice about what kind of person he is, even though he’s trying to turn over a new leaf. The last plan of action for Sonny is when he finds the amulet that will ward off evil, and since it’s powerful, Deimos will want the amulet and may go to great lengths for it.

As we see, it doesn’t take Days of Our Lives spoilers to come to the conclusion that Deimos has a few good reasons to go after Sonny and carry out his murder plot. It seems like Sonny is asking for it, especially since he’s reportedly going to put the moves to interfere in every facet of Deimos’ life. It’s obvious Sonny is playing with some serious fire.

That said, would Days of Our Lives producers actually go through with killing off Sonny? If the spoilers are right then killing a significant character might mean losing a big chunk of the audience, and as the Inquisitr pointed out, DOOL really can’t afford to tank their ratings.

What do you think of the latest Days spoilers? Do you think Days of Our Lives will kill off Sonny?

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