Amber Portwood Threatening Legal Action Over Comments: Is Her Store Selling Cheap Clothes?

Amber Portwood decided to launch her own fashion boutique a few weeks ago, and people were excited about her clothing. While Amber wasn’t selling her own clothing, she was selling clothing produced by other companies, but she had handpicked all of the items herself. In addition, Portwood was proud of everything she had accomplished. And while Teen Mom OG rushed to her store to purchase items and support her, she quickly started seeing some negative backlash. Apparently, the items she had for sale on her website could be found elsewhere. But Portwood is now warning people about those cheaper clothes, sharing that the quality is nowhere near the same and people should shop from her, not from the knockoff sites.

According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now defending her store after rumors suggested that she’s reselling clothes at an incredible mark-up. In addition, Portwood is claiming that no one has returned an item thus far, and she’s slamming rumors that people are unhappy with the supposedly cheap-quality clothing.

“For people saying they have returned products are 100% lying! I have every name address etc. And nothing has ever been sent back,” Amber Portwood revealed on Twitter after reading accusations that she’s been the victim of returned items, as people have been unhappy with her clothing items.

There’s no proof that she’s selling the cheaper quality clothing, and based on Amber Portwood’s own tweets, it sounds like she’s selling high-quality clothing and other websites are just using the same pictures as her and then selling bad quality clothing. And Portwood is now threatening legal action against people who are saying otherwise.

“ATTN: Amber Portwood is buying cheap clothes from and selling them at a huge markup in her ’boutique.’ #ShareToWarn,” one person tweeted while sharing a link to an article.

However, Portwood fought back, writing, “This isn’t true and is also illegal. If you keep making these comments I’m taking legal action. I take pride in my boutique!!”

One of Amber Portwood’s biggest arguments in her favor is actually from a customer who claims to have bought products from both Amber’s store and the rip-off store. And based on this customer’s review, Amber is right. Her clothing is great quality, while the rip-off clothing seems to be the lowest form of quality on the market. And Amber used this tweet to explain how her business runs.

“Wish sells knock offs, I’ve bought both. Amber’s stuff is quality, wish sells crap! Don’t even compare!!” one person wrote in defense of Amber Portwood, while another person added, “Thank you and I’m sure you look beautiful in whatever you bought from me makes me happy to hear.”

“People take pictures from the original wholesaler and make them cheaper in other places. It is not the same product! I should not have to explain this!” Amber Portwood later tweeted to clarify confusions as to how her products were different from those for sale on other sites.

One person wrote in defense of Amber, “you shouldn’t have to explain yourself gf… keep moving forward! Someone somewhere is always going to have something to say.”

At the end of the day, Amber admitted that good and bad attention is still attention and she’s thankful that her boutique is getting so much attention. And she even shared a screenshot to show people that she has sales. And to keep her head high, she quoted Coco Chanel.

“Good attention and bad attention is still attention. But I’ll just keep sending love and building my business,” Amber Portwood tweeted, sharing a quote by Coco Chanel, which read, “I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.”

What do you think of Amber Portwood facing all of this negative feedback? Do you think she should take legal action against people who claim that her clothing is the same quality as the low-quality clothing on the market?

[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images]