‘Big Bang Theory’ Canceled? CBS Confirms Season 11 Still In ‘Renewal Process’

Will The Big Bang Theory be canceled?

Fans of the super popular show have been worried that Season 10 will be the end of the series for a few different reasons. For starters, there hasn’t been any kind of confirmation of a Season 11 or of the show’s return in the fall. Secondly, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, lead actor Jim Parsons has a lot on his plate this upcoming year, and sources say that he may want to get away from Big Bang to focus on other aspects of his career (like directing, for example).

According to Cinema Blend, the cancellation rumors surrounding The Big Bang Theory are grounded in the fact that CBS has confirmed that the “renewal process” in ongoing, this according to Travelers Today.

“CBS Entertainment president Glenn Geller played down the apprehension. He said that negotiation is on-going. Business goes on as usual and they are optimistic of the outcome. He added that no one knows what will happen with season 11 and beyond contract negotiations. Geller further explained that in some cases contract disputes are so hard that the show is shut down permanently. The Big Bang Theory is different. With this, fans and actors alike remain hopeful.”

If The Big Bang Theory got canceled, the news would likely come at the end of Season 10. Chances are, showrunners would get the word and try to end Season 10 on a note that tied up many loose ends. However, the network isn’t obligated to do so, and renewal talks and negotiations could go on for several weeks.

The Big Bang Theory

According to Cinema Blend, there are also salary negotiations going on behind the scenes. Remember back when Kaley Cuoco made headlines for getting paid $1 million per episode? That was back in 2014 and was good for three years. Her contract expired in 2016 (Season 10 has already been filmed).

“News of [The Big Bang Theory’s] cancellation has been on the rise lately due to contract expiration of most of its main cast. The renewal was pending due to salary negotiations which are seen as the reason for the delayed renewal of season 11.”

News that The Big Bang Theory could get canceled has many fans worried. To many, the show is quite hilarious and provides 30 minutes (minus the commercials) of laughs each Thursday night. Some of these fans have been inviting Sheldon, Howard, Leonard, Penny, and Raj into their homes from the very start. Like any popular television show, it is hard for people to say goodbye to characters they’ve become so familiar with.

Big Bang Theory

Of course, CBS has to weigh their options. The Big Bang Theory’s ratings are pretty darn good. According to TV Line, the show’s Season 10 premiere had “15.8 million total viewers and a 3.3 rating, rising 9 percent to its best-since-season-premiere audience.” That doesn’t sound like the kind of show that CBS would be willing to let go of.

At the same time, ratings aren’t the only thing that’s considered when a network renews a show. As previously mentioned, contracts are a big factor in keeping a show on the air. And if the rumors are true about Jim Parsons wanting to focus on something different in 2018 (and beyond), losing a lead character can be detrimental and completely ruin the cast.

Do you think The Big Bang Theory will get canceled? Do you enjoy the show or would you like to see something else in that timeslot? Let us know in the comments section below!

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