Marlo Hampton Net Worth: Hoping To Boost Income With ‘RHOA’ Fame & Products?

Marlo Hampton decided to return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta during Sunday’s episode, and it sounds like she had plenty of things to say to Kenya Moore about their previous meetings. It’s no secret that Hampton tends to stop by various shoots to get some airtime, as she has done this repeatedly in the past with NeNe Leakes. Of course, Marlo was a friend of the wives one season, where she met Leakes and became great friends. But the two of them had a falling out, and they no longer get along. With NeNe gone from the show, Marlo has her sights set on Kenya.

According to a new tweet, Marlo Hampton is now sharing her frustrations in regards to Moore. While she did confront her on Sunday’s episode of the show, she also lashed out at her on Twitter, which resulted in her getting blocked. But it sounds like there’s a reason for her dramatic ways: she wants to sell products. Before Sunday’s episode aired, Marlo Hampton revealed that she was going to live tweet the episode, and during the show, she shared pictures and links to her newest products. Maybe this quick scene she filmed for The Real Housewives of Atlanta was a way to boost her net worth, which is currently rumored to be around $60,000.

“Theirs not even young Black men in your life diva #RHOA,” Marlo Hampton tweeted to Kenya Moore during Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, to which Moore replied with a grammar correction, “there’s*.”

A follower chimed in with, “Weak shade Marlo. No wonder you’re still peachless after all these years of trying RHOA.”

And it sounds like some people think she’s simply too much, as she tends to return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta to create drama. When she was on episodes prior to Sunday’s episode, she ruined friendships and caused drama with the ladies. She’s currently not speaking to NeNe Leakes, as she’s been blocked from Twitter. And this happened after their dramatic confrontation on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And after Sunday’s dig on Twitter, Marlo has also been blocked by Kenya. But she’s cool with Sheree Whitfield, and the two of them are now trying to make money from viewers by selling T-shirts.

Marlo Hampton has previously revealed that The Real Housewives of Atlanta has given her plenty of success in life, including a celebrity platform that allows her to create and sell products.

“Overall, being on the show was a great experience, even with all the ratchetness,” Marlo Hampton explained to Bravo after her first appearance on the hit show. “I met a host of diverse and talented women and traveled to Africa for the first time. Most importantly, I learned to always be true to who you are because you’re under the microscope in everything you do, on TV and real life.”

But Marlo also wanted to change how she was being perceived on the show, as she had been labeled as being rude, aggressive, and fake after her first stint on the show.

“I don’t know how to be anyone but me,” Marlo Hampton continued to Bravo, adding, “I live my truth and I’m not afraid or ashamed of my past. Every day I wake up I give thanks and keep it moving towards my goals. That’s me being me—all day, every day.”

“RHOA gave me a great platform and allowed me to share my love of fashion, and spread the word about the things I do for the community,” Hampton continued about what the show had done for her, adding, “Such as my Simple Giving initiative which provides holiday meals to families in need and my Glam It Up! project for foster care youth in Atlanta.”

What do you think of Marlo Hampton’s tweets to Kenya? Do you think she only returned to The Real Housewives of Atlanta so she could sell more products?

[Featured Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]