Lala Kent Boyfriend: Why ‘Pump Rules’ Relationship Is Becoming Story Of The Season

Lala Kent mysteriously disappeared on Vanderpump Rules during last week’s episode, even though she had planned to go to Sonoma with her friend, Ariana Madix, for her birthday. Kent didn’t show up at the airport and her co-stars were worried for her, but when Kent finally surfaced at SUR, she told Lisa Vanderpump that she was simply angry, upset and heartbroken in regards to the way her co-stars were treating her. While Lala wasn’t targeting Ariana specifically, it’s clear that she’s been under attack from Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney.

According to a new tweet, Lala Kent is now revealing that she made some mistakes when it comes to her co-stars, including her friends. While she doesn’t have nice things to say about the three musketeers who have been labeled the mean girls this season, Lala Kent reveals that she feels bad about ditching Ariana on her birthday weekend.

“I messed up. Im embarrassed that I missed ur bday. After how kind u were 2 me. I’m sry. Im so happy that u had a good time tho,” Lala Kent wrote to Ariana Madix on Twitter as last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules aired, adding to Tom Sandoval in a separate tweet, “I understand where u r coming from. Like I say, U can diss me but not some1 I love. I don’t blame u 4 not being okay with me.”

The night before the trip, Kent revealed that she was more than excited to go on the trip, but she later revealed that she felt it would have been a setup. She felt that she would have been attacked, especially since she was going on the trip with Jax Taylor who is clearly not a fan of Lala or James Kennedy.

“I truly believed Ariana’s birthday would have been a toxic situation. Should have handled better. I own that. #PumpRules,” Lala Kent tweeted to her followers, admitting that she had handled the situation completely wrong, to which people replied with, “agreed but I understand why you didn’t go. Who would want to be trapped with people that don’t like you for days?” and “yeah should have been handled better. But I believe it was a complete set up to hurt you.”

And while Lala Kent felt bad about ditching Ariana for her birthday party, it sounds like she didn’t hold back when it came to Katie, Stassi and Kristen. This season of Vanderpump Rules is becoming about Kent and her relationship with a so-called married man. He has yet to be identified and Lala Kent keeps denying that he’s married.

“This season is literally based on your life. These females at obsessedddddd,” one fan wrote to Lala Kent, who replied with, “I still don’t know why my relationship is the only thing they have to talk about. #meangirls #pumprules.”

“Apparently keeping a relationship private is worse than sleeping with Stassi’s boyfriend. #meangirls #pumprules,” Lala Kent also tweeted, referring to the scandal between Stassi and Kristen, as Schroeder once learned that Doute had slept with Jax Taylor twice – and she was able to forgive it.

But it sounds like Kent may have Vanderpump Rules viewers’ support in all of this drama. Viewers are getting tired of hearing Katie, Stassi and Kristen talk about Kent as if they have been personally attacked by their co-star. And even during Katie’s own bridal shower, she couldn’t leave the drama alone.

“Dang. Katie Maloney couldn’t even drop the Lala Kent obsession at her own bridal shower. #singlewhitefemale #pumprules,” one person wrote to Lala, who replied with a simple hashtag, “#GiveThemLala.”

What do you think of Lala Kent’s apology to Ariana and Tom? Are you surprised that her co-stars are so fixated on Kent and making this entire season about her relationship?

[Featured Image by Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images for De Re Gallery]