‘Goblin’ Episode 14 Spoilers: The Deity’s Will — Eun Tak Loses Her Memories, Grim Reaper Pines For Sunny

Goblin episode 14 spoilers reveal that the upcoming episode will continue to be heart-wrenching. The previous episode ended with the Goblin’s death, hence fulfilling Eun Tak’s (Kim Go Eun) role as the Goblin’s bride. Eun Tak’s sorrow over Kim Shin’s (Gong Yoo) death will be the central theme for the upcoming episode, and the preview reveals that she will lose her memory but not the pain in her heart.

Forgotten Memories

Before the Goblin turned into dust, he professed his love to Eun Tak while telling her that she was his reward. As the man he loved vanished in thin air, Eun Tak cried her eyes out. The Goblin episode 14 spoilers show Eun Tak suffering from the loss of the man she loves. Ten years later, Eun Tak is playing with the necklace the Goblin gave her while crying. Eun Tak still feels the loss although she has no memories of why her heart feels like its breaking or whose face she is missing.

In the previous episodes, the Goblin asked the Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wok) to erase Eun Tak’s memory after she pulls out the sword. He wants to spare her from the pain, and the last thing he wants is for Eun Tak to blame herself. Since this was the Goblin’s dying wish, it is highly possible that the Reaper decided to honor that promise.

Now that the Goblin is dead, Eun Tak will no longer be on harm’s way. Despite being a missing soul, the Reaper will definitely allow the Goblin’s bride to continue living as it is what Shin would have wanted.

There are also theories that the deity who looks after children has something to do with the lost memories. However, it would be more likely for the Grim Reaper to be the one behind it. After all, the Reaper has the power to erase any memory although his abilities do not extend to erasing a person’s emotions.

The Missing Soul

In the previous episode of Goblin, the Grim Reaper told Eun Tak one truth -she will meet another Reaper when she is 29. Eun Tak is considered to be a missing soul, but the Goblin meddled with her death. Eun Tak successfully evaded the Reaper when she was 9 with the help of the deity who looked after children. For ten years, Eun Tak was not bothered by the Reaper, and the only time they crossed each other’s path was when she was 19.

The Reaper already told Eun Tak that she would meet another Reaper when she turns 29. She will be more vulnerable before her age becomes a whole number -a number which is considered perfect. During the special interim episode of Goblin, Mr. Kim hinted that the future that Kim Shin saw would play a bigger part in the series finale of the Korean drama.

Loose Ends

From the previous episodes of Goblin, every character had a role to play. Kim Shin’s immortality may have ended, but there are still some loose ends. One question that begs to be answered is the story behind Eun Tak’s last ghost. The woman wearing a hospital gown has been around Eun Tak since the first episode of Goblin. She was the one who introduced other ghosts to the Goblin’s bride. She was even the one who brought Park Joong Won into Eun Tak’s circle. All the other ghosts already left, and she is the last one who did not fulfill her unfinished business.

In the last episode, however, Eun Tak lost her ability to see ghosts as the mark started to fade. In fact, Joong Won possessed Eun Tak’s body easily because she could not see his ghost. The story of this last ghost could also play a vital role in the last three episodes of Goblin.

The Almighty’s Riddle

In the previous episode, the Almighty God appeared before Goblin and the Reaper by possessing Deok Hwa’s body. He was firm in telling the two that he has always been listening. Before leaving the boy’s body, he left them with a cryptic line.

Through the events in the prior episode, the Goblin and Grim Reaper answered some questions that have been bothering them for almost a century. Some questions remain unanswered, however, including the Reaper’s fate for meddling with the living. His memories of being King Wang Yeo were returned as his punishment but what awaits him after that is yet to be disclosed. Whatever it is, his heart continues to ache for Sunny.

In the Goblin episode 14 preview, the Reaper still keeps tabs on Sunny and while looking from a distance, he looks at her with longing. Sunny already broke up with him, and as the Grim Reaper, he should not be involved with her. However, the love he feels for her continues to torment him.

Goblin Episode 14 is scheduled to air on Friday, Jan 20 at tvN at 8:30 p.m. Korea Standard Time.

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