Kailyn Lowry On ‘Teen Mom’: Why Did She Treat Javi Badly Upon His Return Home?

Kailyn Lowry knew that Javi Marroquin was coming home on last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 and she was prepared to keep her distance from him as they had decided to divorce. When Javi Marroquin left the country last year, he thought he had a family to come home to, but during his deployment, his marriage fell apart. In other words, when he returned home, he barely had a place to live and all of the things he and Lowry shared before his departure were now hers. And this showed on last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, as Kailyn refused to let Marroquin borrow the car seats they once shared to transport his son back to his place. And viewers were furious with her treatment of her husband.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now facing some criticism after being very rude to Javi for not cooperating and giving him a chance to get back on his feet. As explained on Teen Mom 2, Marroquin had just returned the night before and he was excited to see his sons, Lincoln and Isaac. And he may have hoped that Kailyn would help him out, especially when it came to car seats. But she refused to let him take the car seats so he could safely transport Lincoln to his home.

“Small steps to big improvements,” Kailyn Lowry tweeted on the social media network, hinting that they are working on communicating these days, but didn’t say much more about the episode, even though she came across very rude.

My face when people give @KailLowry such a hard time. #sheishumantoo pic.twitter.com/ZS45lQ6PrO

— Team Kail???????? (@updatesonkail) January 17, 2017

“I’m totally [heartbroken] how Isaac doesn’t understand about not having own room at Javi’s, going to J’s when Linc does, etc,” one person revealed to Lowry, sharing that she was completely heartbroken at how the children were reacting to them not getting along, while another person extended her sympathies to Lowry, tweeting, “I bet it was hard watching that episode last night. I was in tears, I love seeing all of you happy! Praying you guys work it out.”

Of course, many people were confused as to why she was being so rude with Marroquin, who just wanted to take his son home to his new home. And viewers didn’t understand what he had done to make Kailyn Lowry say what she did. It was as if she didn’t want him to bring Lincoln with him.

“I am trying to understand why you were so angry with him. Car seat issue was a bit petty. He just got back the night before,” one person wrote on Twitter, calling Kailyn Lowry out for being rude and not very flexible, to which another person added, “I’m do confuse how your acting with Javi an about the car seat [and] had to go with him with his son.”

Maybe Lowry knew that there were cheating rumors going on in regards to her marriage and maybe she felt that he had cheated on her and wanted him to struggle a bit. On her personal website, Kailyn opened up about her failing marriage over the summer, revealing that she doesn’t want to talk about her divorce for the sake of her children.

“Unfortunately, this was a marriage that ended but there are still children involved. I have kept my mouth shut because I didn’t think we needed to involve more people during this sensitive time… And it’s the father of my child so I never want to bash him. I would never want my children to think poorly of the person I was once married to. I can’t control what the other side does, but it was time to get my truth out there… But also stay positive and vague about it,” Kailyn Lowry explained about her divorce in her personal blog on her own website.

What do you think of the way Kailyn Lowry treated Javi on last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2?

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