Donald Trump Tweets The Wrong ‘Ivanka’ Instead Of His Daughter, Gets Scolded On Climate Change In Return

Donald Trump has mistakenly tweeted the wrong Ivanka instead of his daughter Monday night, giving the president-elect’s critics another good reason to lambast him on social media.

As reported by The Guardian, the “Ivanka” Mr. Trump has mentioned on Twitter is a woman from Brighton named Ivanka Majic, who happens to work for the Hove council in Adult Social Care, not to mention a former Labour Party employee.

Donald Trump retweeted a tweet from a certain Lawrence Goodstein of Massachusetts, who praised the Republican’s daughter as “a woman with real character and class.”

Goodstein, however, inadvertently spelled out Ivanka’s Twitter handle as simply @Ivanka, instead of the incoming first daughter’s real username @IvankaTrump.

The tweet read as follows.

“@drgoodspine: @realDonaldTrump @Ivanka Trump is great, a woman with real character and class.”

The tweet was supposed to reference Ivanka Trump on account of a CNN special report on “one of the most powerful first daughters in history.”

Before Goodstein published his tweet, Trump took the opportunity to criticize CNN.

“At 9:00 P.M. @CNN, of all places, is doing a Special Report on my daughter, Ivanka. Considering it is CNN, can’t imagine it will be great!,” Trump wrote.

The fact that Ms. Majic’s Twitter username got tagged is not in the least surprising, given her generic username. Still, the social media gaffe kicked up a furor on Twitter, with the tweet generating almost 5,000 retweets and 25,000 “likes.”

It took a while for Ivanka Majic to respond to the tweet, but one can imagine her surprise the moment she went on Twitter and discovered her thousands of Twitter mentions.

Meanwhile, Mark Pygas, a writer from Distractify, took a sarcastic jab at Trump by agreeing with him that Ivanka Majic is indeed “a wonderful woman.”

“Ivanka Majic from Brighton, England, is a wonderful woman. You’re right.

“RIP her mentions though.

“I mean, she’s probably trying to sleep and her phone is going off the hook but it’s a hell of a story.”

Later, Pygas published another tweet, showing a screenshot of Goodstein blocking him on Twitter.

Ivanka Majic eventually tweeted a response to Trump amid all the furor, taking the opportunity to remind the President-elect of his responsibilities and then suggesting that he take the time to learn about climate change.

“And you’re a man with great responsibilities. May I suggest more care on Twitter and more time learning about ,” she wrote.

Ms. Majic then made a follow up by tweeting an article entitled “Climate Change: A Consensus Among Scientists?”

Ivanka Trump hasn’t responded to the tweets, however, instead tweeting a photo of herself with the caption “bright, lights, big city #datenight.”

Donald Trump will be given the option to take over the U.S. President’s official @POTUS account or maintain his own once he assumes the presidency in three days.

Trump has earned a notorious reputation for his vitriolic tweets, in which he continually criticized political opponents and lambasted “fake news” that were openly critical of him.

His outspokenness on Twitter has raised concerns among the public who fear that his uncouth social media behavior could potentially compromise national security and damage economic stability.

As reported by Fox News, there are some who are expressing concern that Donald Trump’s Twitter account could be hacked, with many making mention of the 2013 incident when someone hacked into his account then shared Lil Wayne lyrics.

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