Mitt Romney Is Campaigning Today (Election Day) In Ohio

Give it a rest! The Romney campaign has confirmed that the GOP presidential candidate will make a couple of final stops today, which is Election Day. Can you guess where Romney will be showing up? None other than battleground state Ohio.

Chasing that final demographic, Romney will go to Ohio (and Pennsylvania) on Election Day for a last-minute voting grab before the polls close, the votes are counted, and the president is picked.

The Romney campaign’s announcement is something of a surprise since Romney was originally supposed to wrap up his campaign with a late-night rally on Monday in New Hampshire. Both Romney and Obama have been fighting hard in Ohio to win the state, and recent polls have tipped back and forth favoring each candidate, if only slightly.

Should Romney be campaigning on Election Day?

Sure! Both Obama and then-opponent John McCain did the same in 2008, with Obama holding an Election Day event in Indiana, winning the state. McCain held rallies in New Mexico and Colorado on Election Day but lost them both.

“It’s terrific that Mitt Romney’s campaigning today, he’s also going to vote, but he’s going to be in Pittsburgh as I understand it and Cleveland, you know we’re going to push this right to the end,” said Ohio Senator Rob Portman, in an interview with Fox News.

Asked if Romney could win without Ohio, Portman said it was “possible, but tough.”

“I wouldn’t want to take the risk of losing it. There’s a possibility you could put it together through other states but I think we are going to win in Ohio, I’ve got a good feel for this on the ground, I didn’t feel this in 2008 frankly.”

Pennsylvania, Romney’s other campaign stop, hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988.

President Obama, for his part, has no campaign plans for Election Day, reports He officially brought his campaign to a close last night in Des Moines, Iowa.