Logan Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Secret Life Revealed: Reality Star Not Living Mormon Lifestyle

With so many kids, things are going to be different for some of the Brown children. Logan Brown has a girlfriend, Michelle, and the two have made it clear that getting married is not a focus for them right now. Logan and Michelle are very serious, but they also don’t want to live a polygamist lifestyle in the future. Radar Online shared that Logan is not living the Mormon lifestyle either, and fans have to wonder if his parents know about the different lifestyle he is living right now.

Aaaaaannddd another one hits the bars. #21 Love ya sis!! #downtownvegas ????????????????????

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Logan Brown isn’t shy about sharing his new lifestyle on social media, so it doesn’t look like he is trying to hide it from his family. Logan and Michelle have shared pictures where he is shirtless, and she is wearing just a sports bra. This is not the type of thing that any of his moms would be okay with showing. They also both have a hunting license and love to go out hunting and shooting together.

His girlfriend, Michelle, has posted pictures with another girl kissing her on the cheek. She even dressed up as a 50 Shades of Grey submissive for Halloween. The costume had a ball gag and handcuffs along with it. Michelle’s Instagram page says she is “just here to drink whiskey and pet dogs.” Logan and Michelle have posted on their Instagram page a lot and made it very clear that they like to drink and don’t care if anyone knows.

The Brown family has made it very clear that they support their children no matter what. Recently, Myriah Brown revealed the news that she is gay, and the family accepted her just the way she is and they don’t mind. It doesn’t seem like they would mind that Logan isn’t following the exact lifestyle they are as long as he continues to be a good person.

All About the Tea shared a while back that Logan and Mariah Brown have both been drinking. When Maddie Brown got married, they discussed having alcohol at her wedding. On Mariah’s 21st birthday, she went for a drink and had a good time. Mariah also shared on her Twitter account that she rang in the new year with Michelle and Logan in Dublin.

She said, “i also got to ring in the new year with some amazing family in dublin so that was pretty rad???????????? @FroginBrown @_michellecp.”

Logan Brown was even asked about drinking being against their Mormon religion. Logan shared that he wasn’t Mormon, but that he couldn’t speak for Mariah and she could do whatever she wanted to do. Logan also said that Mariah and himself neither one are part of the LDS/Mormon church. Logan even explained that his parents have enjoyed a glass of wine here and there. Viewers saw Meri Brown actually drink wine on the show when she went to a winery lately. It looks like the Brown family is going to be doing things the way that they want and what is best for them.

Are you shocked that Logan Brown is living a different lifestyle than the way he grew up? Do you think that his parents care? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC.

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