‘Goblin’ Korean Drama Ep 14: Eun-Tak To Become Missing Person, Reaper Society’s Target? Top Theories And More

Goblin Ep 13 absolutely blew the minds of K-drama fans worldwide, with the climactic battle between Kim Shin and the evil Joong-Hun reaching its peak. By the end of the episode, numerous fans were in tears as the aftermath of the climactic confrontation set in. With the final three episodes set to be aired next week, various speculations about what is in store for the K-drama’s plot have begun to emerge, and most of them are very interesting.

Avid fans of the acclaimed Korean drama have weighed in on what might happen in Goblin Ep 14 in online forums such as Reddit, with many stating that this Friday’s episode would most likely deal with the aftermath of the titular character’s demise in Ep 13. In the brief preview for Goblin Ep 14, numerous scenes that involved the main characters were featured, suggesting that the upcoming episode would most likely be focused on Kim Shin, Eun-Tak, the Grim Reaper and Sunny.

The aftermath of the events in 'Goblin' Ep 13 might be the focus of Ep 14.

Considering that the K-drama’s pace has picked up, however, there is a good chance that the series’s denouement might begin on Goblin Ep 14. Numerous fans have speculated that the titular character would most likely come back to life by the end of this Friday’s episode. While this particular plot device has been utilized by a good number of Korean dramas in the past, there is a good chance that Goblin might opt to go on the road less taken and simply continue on without its titular character.

It should be noted that Kim Shin, in previous episodes, saw himself watching a 29-year-old Eun-Tak meeting another man in the future. Thus, if the plot’s continuity is anything to be considered, it appears that the Goblin would live once again. Such conventions as characters coming back to life are rarely played out in a linear manner, however; thus, there is a good chance that while Kim Shin might eventually come back to the story, he might be a somewhat different man.

One of the more compelling fan theories that have emerged in recent days is the notion that Eun-Tak might end up as a missing person due to the events involving the Goblin’s and the evil Joong-Hun’s death. A good deal of foreshadowing has already been done by Goblin to set up Eun-Tak’s future as a missing person, with the Reaper himself fondly giving her the moniker when she first moved in.

'Goblin' Ep 14 might focus on how the remaining main characters deal with Kim Shin's death.

With her experience in the rooftop and with the demise of Kim Shin, there might be no better way to provide tension to the plot other than to put its main female lead in legitimate peril. Of course, one of the most effective ways that Goblin could do this is to make her a target of the very society that Reaper belongs to. Considering Reaper’s painful past and the fact that he continues to be haunted by his mistakes, the next couple of episodes might see the weak, young king finally stepping up and protecting someone important to him.

While such a scenario would definitely be interesting, the K-drama might also surprise and underwhelm its fans by simply exploring the immediate aftermath of the Goblin’s death. During the titular character’s confrontation with the evil eunuch, Eun-Tak was not able to see the evil ghost anymore, suggesting that her ability to see spirits in the afterlife was already waning. Thus, there is a possibility that Goblin Ep 14 might simply show how Eun-Tak adapts to a life without her love, and without any contact with the world of ghosts and spirits.

Lastly, the possibility also exists that Goblin Ep 14 would do something extremely unorthodox and begin with a time skip to Eun-Tak’s future. While this would be rather unusual and it would leave numerous conflicts hanging in the air, there is a chance that Goblin might do just that. After all, if there is anything that the runaway hit K-drama has proven since its debut last year, it is the fact that it is not beyond its ability to play with its plot and provide its viewers with an ending that is both surprising and satisfying at the same time.

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