WWE News: Real Reason Why Triple H Was Absent From 'Raw' Last Night

Unfortunately, Triple H did not appear on Raw last night after some rumors began circulating about his return to WWE television, but there was a reason why The Game didn't appear. He hasn't been featured on WWE television since the Fatal Four-Way to determine the new WWE Universal Champion back in August. Ever since then, the WWE Universe has been waiting for the feud between HHH and Seth Rollins to begin.

As of this writing, the two are still expected to have their match for WrestleMania 33, but WWE officials are not giving Triple H the green light to make his return to Raw to get the ball rolling on the rivalry with Seth Rollins. WWE's logic before this week was that they wanted to wait to bring The Game back to WWE television after Monday nights were clear of Monday Night Football and other events, including the presidential election.

His recent tweet following the conclusion of the United Kingdom Tournament over the weekend had a lot of people believing that last night's edition of Raw would feature his return. They were left disappointed when he was absent from the show, but WWE officials do have a plan for bringing Triple H back to WWE television, and last night's episode of Raw was a part of that plan.

Triple H Hasnt Been Seen on WWE Television Since Betraying Seth Rollins
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According to a new report, Triple H's appearance wasn't planned for last night's show at all. However, his tweet and the speculation was deliberate to raise interest for his eventual return to WWE television. Unfortunately, there isn't any news on when that will be. There is still speculation that HHH will be in the Royal Rumble match next Sunday, or he'll be getting involved in Seth Rollins' elimination from the match in some way.

WWE officials are likely waiting until after the WWE Royal Rumble to pull the trigger on Triple H's return to WWE television. First and foremost, he owes an explanation to Seth Rollins and the WWE Universe for his actions back in August during the Fatal Four-Way. Those questions have gone unanswered for roughly five months now, so The Game's reasoning should be well thought out, and his absence will be explained.

Secondly, WWE officials need to know when the match between Rollins and Triple H is happening. If WWE is planning their match for WrestleMania, would bringing Triple H back before WWE FastLane be the best idea? It's been reported that in light of all the recent changes to the WrestleMania 33 card that WWE could be canceling Triple H vs. Rollins for the grandest stage of them all. Could their match be at WWE FastLane instead?

Seth Rollins vs Triple H is Still Happening at Wrestlemania 33
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No matter what Triple H's reasoning is for his betrayal of Seth Rollins over the summer, the ultimate goal of the rivalry between the two men will be to elevate Rollins as WWE's top babyface. On paper, The Architect defeating The Game on the grandest stage of them all is a great way to accomplish that goal. Hypothetically, if Rollins were to win the Royal Rumble match, defeat Triple H at WWE FastLane, and then win the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania, there would be no question that Rollins is the top guy in WWE.

Not to mention that Triple H would be available for another match at WrestleMania. Obviously, not many other options have been explored since WWE has shown no signs of having anything else planned until very recently. A lot of people may be upset about Rollins vs. Triple H happening at WWE FastLane rather than at WrestleMania 33, but Finn Balor's return and Roman Reigns winning the WWE Universal Championship at the WWE Royal Rumble could make a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania the best option for the card.

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