Oregon Mom Amy Robertson Charged With Murder Of Son, 12-Year Old Caden Berry, After Being Heard Yelling About Demons

Amy Robertson, a 38-year-old Oregon mom, has been charged with aggravated murder in connection with the death of her son, 12-year-old Caden Berry. The Oregon mother is said to be cooperating fully with investigators at this time. However, prior to the discovery of her son’s body, a neighbor says that Amy Robertson was anything but calm and collected.

In fact, reports KOIN 6, neighbors of the Oregon mom and her murdered son say that they were immediately worried when they saw Robertson frantically running around the apartment complex courtyard, Caden nowhere in sight.

“His mom just came out here yelling.”

According to the quoted neighbor who declined to be identified, it wasn’t immediately clear what was wrong. However, Amy Robertson was reportedly waving her arms frantically as she screamed, yelling “something about demons.”

The drama and the horror involving Oregon mom Amy Robertson and her son Caden Berry began to publicly unfold just after 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. That is when neighbors claim that Robertson’s strange behavior and talk of demons alerted them to the fact that something was very, very wrong.

One of the neighbors that responded to the frantic, demon-obsessed Oregon mom claims to have told Robertson to “calm down.” After Amy Robertson regained some semblance of composure, the neighbor (identified only as a female) asked the 38-year-old where her son was.

“She said, ‘In the house under the blanket.’ So I went into his room. He wasn’t in there.’”

The troubled neighbor continued her search of Amy Robertson’s apartment, eventually finding 12-year-old Caden in the living room. It was immediately apparent that she had walked into the scene of an unthinkable tragedy. According to the neighbor, Caden Berry was “halfway on” a tipped recliner, covered with a blanket.

“There was a recliner tipped over and he was halfway on it under a blanket. I pulled the blanket back and I could tell he was gone.”

According to the neighbor, young Caden was cold, and she couldn’t detect any breath sounds. She claims that the boy’s head was still on the arm of the toppled chair. Despite his apparent demise, the frantic neighbor tried to wake Amy Robertson’s son, but to no avail.

“I tried to wake him up, and he wouldn’t wake up. So I ran out and yelled to call an ambulance.”

Emergency officials quickly arrived at the home of Amy Robertson, with the local fire department being first on the scene. It was those firefighters that officially declared Caden Berry dead at the apparent murder scene.

When the shocked and horrified neighbor began yelling for an ambulance, Oregon mom Amy Robertson appeared to immediately know what she had found inside the home. Witnesses claim that Robertson chided the traumatized neighbor who had just discovered the body of her 12-year-old son. Reportedly, Robertson said, “I told you not to move the blanket.”

As Crime Online reports, while most neighbors of Oregon mom Amy Robertson and Caden Berry were unaware that anything was wrong in the household in the hours and days leading up to the alleged aggravated murder, there was someone who noticed a change in the 12-year-old murder victim. At least one of Caden’s friends from the apartment complex reported that the boy’s personality had undergone a profound and explainable change within a day of being found dead.

“He just wasn’t acting right. He was, like, always happy and he was never really, like, sad. Until yesterday. He looked really sad and he was, like, a really close friend.”

While a cause of death was not immediately released in the case of Caden Berry, the Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office has since conducted an autopsy on the murdered 12-year-old. As KOIN 6 reports, it has been determined that Caden died as a result of asphyxiation due to strangulation, allegedly at the hands of Oregon mom Amy Robertson.

Friends of the murdered boy say he was “amazing” and “a brother to us.”

Over the course of the murder investigation, it has been determined that Caden had two siblings; Colton and Colby Casto.

Colby reportedly committed suicide in 2011. He was 12-years-old at the time of his death. Oregon mom Amy Robertson was listed as Colby’s mother in his obituary.

The specific circumstances of Colby Casto’s death have not been released, and it is unknown whether or not investigators have plans to re-evaluate the case given the murder of little brother Caden at the same age, and allegedly at the hands of the boys’ mother.

Oregon mother Amy Robertson is being held, without bail, at the Marion County Correctional Facility; she is expected to appear in court on Tuesday morning.

***Update: The biological father of Caden Berry’s two other siblings reportedly voiced concerns about Caden’s welfare to local authorities. Oregon Live reports that father of Amy Robertson’s two older boys secured custody of 14-year-old Colton last summer.

“Amy is an unfit mother and is placing Colton in serious danger.”

He claims that he discussed concerns for Caden’s well-being with the Coos County Sheriff’s office, but that nobody in authority did anything to remove the 12-year-old from the custody of Oregon mom Amy Robertson prior to his grisly murder.***

[Featured Image by Marion County Sheriff’s Department]