'Legend Of The Blue Sea' Episode 18 Spoilers: Jo Nam Doo Betrays Heo Joon Jae, Shim Cheong Tries To Erase Seo Hee's Memories?

Legend of the Sea Episode 17 ended with a heartbreaking scene. Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) arrived too late in his father's house, and he cried his eyes out after listening to his father's voice message. Despite Heo Chi Hyun's (Lee Ji Hoon) efforts to save his adoptive father, he arrived too late. The death of Joon Jae's father will lead to a confrontation between Choi Jung Woo's former and present family. This would also set the stage for Jo Nam Doo and Chi Hyun's connivance.

Now that his father is gone, Joon Jae will be more determined to bring down Kang Seo Hee (Oh Yeon Ah) and his stepbrother. Seo Hee already arranged for everything and all she needed is for her husband to die so she and her son can enjoy his riches. Unbeknownst to her, the detectives tailing Ma Dae Young figured out that she has been plotting her husband's demise.

Joon Jae already knew that his father was in danger. The deadly pills and the flowers were all evidence of what she was doing. Although Joon Jae handed the proof to the detective, they could not use it since the evidence was taken through illegal means. In the previous episode of Legend of the Blue Sea, Joon Jae already warned Chi Hyun that he will make his move if his father is harmed. With his old man dead, Joon Jae will do what he can to bring his stepmother and stepbrother down.

A Father's Death

The latest teaser for Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18 reveals that the funeral for Jung Woo will spark another face to face confrontation between the first and the second wife. Seo Hee is crying her heart out after being notified of her husband's death. However, Yoo Ran also makes her way to the scene and calls out Seo Hee for being a fraud. The two will exchange heated words. Yoo Ran feels so insulted that she ends up slapping Seo Hee's face.

The episode preview showed that the death of his father will not be easy on Joon Jae either. He already felt so helpless when he did not convince his father to leave the house. Fortunately, Shim Cheong (Jun Ji Hyun) is there for him. She will try her best to comfort Joon Jae.

The Chairman's funeral will be one messy affair after the confrontation between the Chairman's former and present family. Chi Hyun knew that his mother is behind if adoptive father's death and he will confront her about what she did. However, the Heo family drama is not the only significant thing that will happen in Episode 18.

Nam Doo and Chi Hyun are going to meet each other. For two people who are on opposite sides, the two seems to be having a friendly conversation. In the past episodes of Legend of the Blue Sea, Nam Doo helped Joon Jae but he never truly abandoned his greedy ways. In the Episode 18 preview, Nam Doo bonked Joon Jae at the back of his head and the blow rendered him unconscious. Would Joon Jae's mentor truly betray him?

True Heir

Through Seo Hee's scheming, Joon Jae has no part in the family fortune. Everything was left to Seo Hee and Chi Hyun. Since Joon Jae knows that his father could not see properly, he would probably figure out what happened. In Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 17, Joon Jae's father admitted that he made huge mistakes and he wished to turn back time to when he was with Mo Yoo Ran and his son.

Being a con man, Joon Jae knows how schemers work and he could find a way to rip off his stepmother and stepbrother. After reuniting with Yoo Ran in Legend of the Blue Sea episode 16, Joon Jae would have all the encouragement he needs to take back his place. Manager Nam, who has always been Joon Jae's friend, could also help in taking Seo Hee down. Right before his accident, the Chairman gave him instructions to take care of his will and leave everything to Joon Jae.

Manager Nam showed signs of waking up right after Chi Hyun tried to kill him in the previous episode of the Legend of the Blue Sea. If he wakes up, he could prove that Dae Young killed him. Since he also knows that Seo Hee bugged the car, he could testify against Joon Jae's stepmother and bring Joon Jae back to his rightful place as heir.

During the confrontation between Yoo Ran and Seo Hee, Cheong stops Seo Hee from slapping Joon Jae's mother. From the previous episodes of Legend of the Blue Sea, the mermaid showed one of her greatest powers -- taking someone's memory away. In the process, she learns what those memories are. In Episode 18, Cheong could use the same power to learn what Seo Hee did to Joon Jae's father and help discover why Seo Hee became such an evil person.

Of Past And Present

With all the family drama going on, Joon Jae has too much on his plate that he did not notice that Jo Nam Doo is behaving out of sorts. Cheong erased Nam Doo's memories about seeing her as a mermaid, but the con man still feels that there is something about her. Since he could not recall what happened no matter how hard he tried, he tried to eavesdrop on Cheong and Joon Jae's conversation. After doing a bit of snooping, he became more convinced that Joon Jae's girlfriend is a mermaid.

Driven by his greed and his insecurity over losing his grip on Joon Jae, he could take matters into his own hands. Based on the latest preview for Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18, Nam Doo will have a conversation with Cheong while Joon Jae rushed to his father's home. Nam Doo has been trying to figure out Cheong's identity. After learning that a mermaid's value is priceless, he is more driven than ever to sell her for money.

In his former life, Nam Doo has been scheming with Chi Hyun. With the meeting between Nam Doo and Chi Hyun during the funeral, the two could make a plan that will allow them to get what they want.

Unrequited Love

In an effort to lure Cha Si Ah away from her own home, Tae Oh confessed his love to her. After the confession, Si Ah constantly called on Tae Oh when she needed someone to drink with. In the past episodes of Legend of the Blue Sea, the two have been constantly hanging out mainly because Si Ah forced Tae Oh to drink with her.

In Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 17, Si Ah finally had the courage to tell Joon Jae about her feelings. Joon Jae apologized to her and asked her to love someone who could return her feelings. Heartbroken, Si Ah called Tae Oh. Tae Oh comforted Si Ah who has been crying her eyes out. From Tae Oh's actions, he seems to have grown genuinely fond of Si Ah. Now that Joon Jae made it clear that he will only have eyes for Cheong, Si Ah could see Tae Oh as the right guy for her. After all, Tae Oh has always been the one who was on her side.

With so much going on, the two might not get a lot of screen time during the upcoming episode of Legend of the Blue Sea. Needless to say, it would be exciting to see how their love story develops.

Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 18 is scheduled to air on SBS on Wednesday, January 18 at 10 p.m. Korea Standard Time.

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