Nick Viall’s Engagement In Trouble And Will End If Couple Can’t Agree On One Thing [Rumor]

Nick Viall’s engagement is in trouble and one major factor is sure to nix it by the time The Bachelor 2017 ends if the couple can’t reach an agreement. This revelation comes from a slew of sources feeding information to Reality Steve.

In one of Steve’s podcasts, he shared recently what he’s learned about Nick Viall’s engagement how things with The Bachelor star and his fiancee are going.

Warning: The winner of The Bachelor 2017 is revealed in this article. Stop reading now if you don’t want to know who Nick Viall gets engaged to.

Steve has pointed out for a while now that Nick Viall’s engagement is on shaky ground due in large part to the initial reason he allegedly went on the show to begin with — to promote himself. Steve blogs repeatedly that Nick isn’t on the show to find true love, but to milk his fame through The Bachelor franchise as his pursuits fall more in line with chasing Hollywood stardom.

As Bachelor spoilers have divulged, Vanessa Grimaldi is the woman Nick picks in the end. The 29-year-old special needs teacher from Montreal, Canada is the contestant that Nick chooses to be his wife in the finale episode. It hasn’t been a bed of roses for this couple, Reality Steve has confirmed. His sources claim things aren’t going well at all and one major thing will keep them apart for good.

“I think a lot of has to do with logistics. I hear Vanessa is very connected to Canada and not wanting to leave,” Steve revealed in his podcast.

Steve is adamant that Nick Viall isn’t leaving Los Angeles and if his engagement has any chance of lasting, Vanessa Grimaldi would most certainly have to be the one to relocate. The authority on Bachelor spoilers surmises that Nick could try convincing Vanessa since he’s in LA and is pursuing a model/acting career.

Based on information he’s been given, Vanessa has close ties to her home and isn’t willing to abandon those.

“From all accounts she wants to stay there, and raise a family there, and be there,” Steve continued.

As Steve reasons, wasn’t there some point on The Bachelor 2017 season when Nick and Vanessa addressed this very issue?

“At some point did Nick talk to her about this during filming? ‘Hey if this continues past this show, where do you want to live, where do you want to stay?’ I”m just no hearing good things,” Steve said.

Like anything else, Steve said things could change. Is it likely? Probably not.

“Things could possibly change. Regardless of the Vanessa situation, the bottom line is Nick did not really want to really get engaged right now,” Steve went on to say. “He’s out to promote his brand, which is no different than anybody else who’s been the lead on the show.”

Steve concludes that Nick is probably finding it “stale” after doing four stints in The Bachelor franchise. There are some sweet perks with being the lead, however. What other show can get paid,take exotic vacations, and have girls pining over one man? Add to that, being a viable candidate for Dancing with the Stars.

Nick was asked by Entertainment Tonight if he was open to joining next season’s Dancing with the Stars.

“I mean, I haven’t given it much thought. I think it would be fun, you know?” Viall said. “Who wouldn’t wanna do it?”

“Right now I am focused on being The Bachelor,” he added. “[But] if they asked — I mean, I don’t think I would say my first thought wouldn’t be no, but I think anyone would feel lucky to even be considered.”

With that said, it won’t be a surprise at all if this season’s Bachelor agrees to another reality show immediately following the finale episode.

Is Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi’s engagement in trouble? Will they agree on a place to call their home? There’s much more to learn about this couple’s future!

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