'The Bachelor' Spoilers: Nick Viall May Be Risking His Reality Television Career By Cheating On This Season's Winner With Former Flame Amanda Stanton

Nathan Francis

The Bachelor's 2017 season is still in the early stages, but spoilers indicate that Nick Viall may already be headed for a messy situation by cheating on the woman he picked at the end of his season.

[WARNING: There are some potential Bachelor 2017 spoilers ahead.]

Viall, the first three-time contestant on the ABC reality dating show, has been surrounded by rumors that his intentions weren't so pure in this season. Nick was known for stirring up controversy in his past appearances, and many insiders believe he was brought back to bring more drama --- not to find a wife.

The latest Bachelor 2017 spoilers show that may be true, with a new report that he may be cheating on his Season 21 winner with Amanda Stanton, the ex of former Bachelor Josh Murray.

Fans of the series remember Murray as beating out Viall in 2014, when both were vying for the affections of Andi Dorfman. Murray again won the girl in Bachelor in Paradise Season 3, when both were trying to win over Amanda Stanton.

But now Nick and Amanda may be giving it another try. A report from Life & Style claimed that Nick Viall sent a message to Amanda after she and Josh Murray broke up.

The source told Life & Style that Nick's reaching out seemed out of place.

"He texted Amanda once news broke of her breakup," one source close to the situation told Life & Style. "He wanted to reach out and say, 'Hey,' but that's not what a happily engaged guy should be doing."

As Hollywood Take noted, Reality Steve painted a not-so-rosy picture of their relationship.

"Reality Steve recently did a Q&A with fans, and he reported that Nick and his fiancée are already having problems. When asked if he thinks Nick's engagement will last, Reality Steve said, 'Not a chance.' Steve added that he, 'heard some things' and that the relationship is 'not great.'"

And if Vanessa Grimaldi really is Nick Viall's final pick on The Bachelor 2017, then she doesn't appear too head over heels in love with him. On Monday's episode, she very pointedly called out Nick for sleeping around with the other contestants.

"Are you looking for a wife? Or are you looking for someone to f-ck around with?" she asked Nick.

"Many of the girls this season are just not into Nick. They find him to be completely arrogant and a total diva," a source revealed. "He's always expressing [to the women] that sex is important to him. It comes off as sleazy!"

If the Bachelorette 2017 spoilers are true, then Nick Viall could be risking a lot by cheating on Vanessa Grimaldi. Traditionally the constants on the show have been able to milk at least a few months of the spotlight be doing the interview circuit and an appearance on ABC's Dancing With The Stars, but this is often predicated on having a happy couple to show on television. If Nick blows his relationship before it has a chance to start, his reality television career may be gone with it.

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