Kim Kardashian West Busts A Move, Dances To Her 2011 Song During Dubai Visit, Return To Work

Kim Kardashian West was robbed in Paris, France months ago, suffered through the trauma, and took a hiatus from the public and social media. To her fans’ delight, Kim recently returned to the limelight — fashion, curves, and all. And to mark her return to work, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians mom of two took to the dance floor, per a celebrity news report from Daily Mail.

If you thought Kanye West was the only musician in the family, you may not be keeping up with the fashion diva extraordinaire as well as you thought; Kim dropped a single years back — well, sort of.

That moment Kim will not soon forget, happened in 2011. Then, KK hooked up with producer, The-Dream and laid down the track, “Jam” (Turn It Up). It was Kim’s first foray into music.

The good news is that all the proceeds went to charity; Kim has a soft spot for children and institutions like St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The bad news is that the track fizzled out and never quite resonated with the public. Like The-Dream said, it wasn’t really like Kim was trying to give Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga competition — quite the opposite, as he said during an interview in 2012 with MTV News.

“It wasn’t about kicking off a singing career; it was us really having the power of TV and goofing off.”

Kim Kardashian West is heavy on the fashion; that’s what her brand is built on. We’ll forgive her for the singing bit because that was for a good cause. But Kim dancing is another thing altogether. It all went down at a pediatric center in Dubai over the weekend.

Ah Kekes,
Don’t be shy to dance.
Even if it’s something goofy, nobody’s perfect (I mean you are yesss lol) @KimKardashian x RPC Dubai

— tiffypiffy (@tiffsaprincessx) January 15, 2017

Kim was the guest of honor at a hospital where kids welcomed her by dancing to her “Jam” track with choreographed moves. At one point, a member of the troupe motioned for Kim to join them on stage. The reality star was a good sport about it and obliged them.

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As Kim’s “raunchy” video to her song played in the background on a large screen, she tried to learn the moves. She did her best to play along, but was not dropping it like it’s hot. All in all, everyone appeared as if they were enjoying her presence and support at the facility.

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During her three-day trip, Kim helped kids at the hospital learn boxing moves and they showed their appreciation by showering her with gifts, mainly drawings of the famous fashionista.

Then, it was back home to the states on Sunday. Photographers managed to capture Kim’s arrival at the New York airport, and she didn’t disappoint. As if to make a statement to the world that she is back on the block, Kim stepped off the plane and made her way through the concourse like a boss.

Kardashian West donned a pair of heavily ripped and stressed jeans, earth-tone boots, a picture of R&B singer, Sade, thick sunglasses and a floor-length black fur coat. Despite her trans-Atlantic flight, Kim appeared relaxed and ready for business.

It’s great to have Kim back in stride again, especially after she suffered the effects of a robbery in Paris last October. For months, she not only experienced the pain that accompanies the incident but she faced a barrage of nasty accusations from social media that suggested she staged the entire event.

Those rumors were put to bed recently when law enforcement officials made several arrests of the suspects they believe took part in robbing Kim Kardashian West. USA Today followed up on the robbery and shared Kim’s description of the harrowing moment.

“‘They (caught) me and took me to the lobby. I was in a bathrobe, naked underneath,’ Kardashian said in the statement, which she gave police hours after the incident. ‘Then we went in the room again and they pushed me on the bed…. They strapped me with plastic cables … taped my mouth and my legs. They carried me in my bathroom, specifically in my bathtub,’ the reality star told police.”

“‘I realized that they were a bit young because of the way they strapped me,’ she said, explaining that she was eventually able to get the tape and cables off herself. The report ends with Kardashian asking to return to the USA on a private plane to be with her children.”

As of this writing, 10 suspects have been formally charged with the $10 million robbery.

Hopefully, after being robbed, Kim and her family can heal from the ordeal. Heck, at least she’s dancing — perhaps, all the way to the bank soon.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]