Lindsay Lohan May Have Converted To Islam, Critics Bash Actress For ‘Publicity Stunt’

Lindsay Lohan has always been known for shocking tabloid claims. A child star who grew up too fast, she has seen her fair share of tragedy and heartbreak. Lohan has been taking a step back and laying low for quite some time, avoiding the drama of her once out of control lifestyle. From a life of partying and a revolving door of men, she has calmed down quite a bit in the last few years. Now Lohan is making headlines again, this time for her choice in expressing her spirituality.

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Over the last few months, Lindsay Lohan has been doing some peculiar things. She recently deleted all of her Instagram photos, which is quite extreme for someone who is used to being incredibly popular on the social networking site. While that may not alarm fans or critics, it is a bold move from someone with celebrity status. Lohan also deleted every tweet she has ever sent, except for one lone tweet. According to Yahoo News, Lindsay Lohan may have converted to Islam. This isn’t shocking because in recent months she has been doing a lot of work in the Middle East, and has been working through the Qu’ran since 2015.

Critics have immediately come out to question Lindsay Lohan about her intentions and motives. Many are calling this a publicity stunt for the starlet who seemingly disappeared from the spotlight. Others who know Lohan have commented that this is who she is and mentioned that she has always been a rather spiritual individual. The teachings of the Qu’ran have resonated with Lindsay and if she did convert, she likely won’t announce it. Getting rid of everything on social media was a huge step, especially because she had years of tweets and photos from Instagram and Twitter. In fact, she updated her bio to only read, Alaikum salam, which means “peace be upon you.”

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Not everyone has jumped in to judge Lindsay Lohan for her religious status. There have been several supportive comments posted to social media in hopes that she will be able to gain strength from them. Lohan has been reading the Qu’ran for nearly two years and has studied the teachings. Dressing in traditional Muslim garb has also been something she has done recently, keeping her hair and body covered. While the actress has not come out and confirmed her conversion, sources close to her are reporting that is what happened. Lohan is at peace with the choices she has made and if this is going to bring her closer to what she deems as spirituality, some of her fans are standing behind her.

A publicity stunt isn’t something out of the norm for Lindsay Lohan. She was the girl who left a list of the men she had slept with on a napkin in a public place to be found back in 2014. It hasn’t even been three years since that scandal, and yet she is reformed and fully putting herself into practicing Islam and all of the Qu’ran teachings. Skeptics have called her out on this, but she has refrained from commenting about anything since the massive social media revamping. Lohan has been eerily quiet, something people aren’t used to at all.

The upcoming months will be telling about how serious Lindsay Lohan is with her reported conversion to Islam. Fans are hoping she will make a statement about where she plans to go from here and give them a chance to show her their support. The critics are having a field day with the alleged change in religions for Lindsay Lohan, many of them mocking her with harsh comments and snide remarks.

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