‘Teen Wolf’ Nude: Leaked Photos Of Cody Christian, Tyler Posey Cause Embarrassment

A Teen Wolf nude leak has taken another actor victim. First, 21-year-old Cody Christian’s nude photos and videos were circulating online and now, 25-year-old Tyler Posey (also on Teen Wolf) is supposedly dealing with the aftermath of the same fate.

It all started over the weekend when Teen Wolf fans learned about the Cody Christian’s leak. According to the International Business Times, there were a few Snapchat clips where the Teen Wolf actor could be seen masturbating in front of the camera. It is unknown who took these videos or how they ended up on the internet.

According to Hollywood Life, Teen Wolf’s Cody is completely embarrassed and very angry following this leak.

Cody Christian

“He’s absolutely mortified, embarrassed and FURIOUS over the video leak. To say he is pissed would not even begin to do justice to the level of his anger right now. But the main feeling he’s experiencing is humiliation. He seriously can’t believe this has happened to him—he never in a million years thought he would fall victim to a betrayal like this, and he feels violated. Cody doesn’t even want to leave the house or answer the phone, let alone think about heading back to work,” a source told Hollywood Life.

The Teen Wolf nude leak didn’t stop there. According to a few sources, Tyler Posey has also been dealing with this embarrassing leak. A Tyler Posey fan account posted the following message on Instagram on Sunday.

“As what happened to Cody, now there’s a supposed video of Tyler naked on the web. Don’t spread it and don’t watch it if u love Tyler! This is not alright! It’s his privacy as Cody. How would u feel if that happened to you? Respect their privacy! Tyler, u must know we are with you on this and I love u no matter what! Always sincerity. Love you. Please respect!”

Since the Teen Wolf nude leak, neither Cody Christian nor Tyler Posey has posted anything on Twitter or Instagram. Neither has spoken out about the supposed leak or addressed it with their fans. As you can see above, fans are trying their best to support these actors by not looking at the nude images and videos and not sharing them with friends.

According to Just Jared, Teen Wolf fans managed to trend “#WeRespectYouCody” over the weekend, to show their support for Cody. Since Tyler Posey’s pictures were recently leaked, something similar is expected to happen as the news reaches more and more people.

'Teen Wolf' star Tyler Posey (Image by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for MTV]

The Teen Wolf nude leak puts Cody Christian and Tyler Posey in “good company.” Several other celebs have been hacked and have had their personal nude photos and videos plastered all over the internet. Perhaps a few of the most reported were Jennifer Lawrence, Jennette McCurdy, and Leslie Jones.

It seems that each time there is a nude photo leak of this nature, people resort to the same thing: If you don’t want naked pictures of yourself on the internet, you’re better off not taking/keeping any. Maybe these Teen Wolf stars didn’t get the memo.

A rep for Cody Christian was contacted by Hollywood Life over the weekend but had no comment. It is unknown if Tyler Posey’s rep has been contacted since the leak.

Are you a fan of Tyler and Cody on Teen Wolf? Do you think that this nude photo leak will cause any additional issues for the Teen Wolf actors?

Teen Wolf airs on Tuesday nights on MTV.

[Featured Image by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images]