Elvis Presley Alive? Fans Believe Elvis Visited Graceland On 82nd Birthday

There are many fans of Elvis Presley who still believe that the King is alive, and now some of them are even claiming Elvis has been spotted visiting Graceland on what would have been his 82nd birthday. New images captured at Graceland reveal a large and heavy-set man with white hair and beard who is wearing a baseball cap, and this is the man that some fans are claiming is really Elvis Presley.

While Elvis Presley was said to have died in 1977 at the age of 42 after suffering from a heart attack, the Daily Mail is reporting that the older Elvis lookalike was spotted on the front lawn of Graceland during a cake-cutting ceremony on Sunday, proving that Elvis may still be alive. The white-bearded individual had a dark jacket on and wore sunglasses during the Graceland birthday celebrations in Memphis, Tennessee.

After photographs of the older gentleman at Graceland were posted on the Facebook group page Elvis Presley Is Alive, some skeptics are even growing convinced that the man in the Memphis photo looks strikingly similar to what Elvis Presley would look like today if he were still alive.

Candles and photographs of Elvis Presley outside of Graceland on August 15, 2007.

Some fans also noted that there were three security guards lurking in the background of the photograph, directly behind the man that some believe is Elvis Presley, and point to this as being another reason for the man being Presley as the security guards may have been trying to protect Elvis.

“Must be our Elvis. The bodyguards are so obvious. Wish I was there so much. I would have noticed him.”

Others found themselves wondering if the man at Graceland was Elvis Presley too.

“I did notice that man at a few points during the video and wondered if it was him. I thought, he’s hiding in plain sight again. The people next to him probably have no idea.”

However, there were some differing points of view on the Elvis Presley Facebook page. Some believed that the picture was, in actuality, a photograph of Presley’s stillborn twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley. Jesse was born 30 minutes before Elvis.

Other Elvis fans were dubious about the photograph of the man at Graceland actually being the King. Some dismissed claims of Elvis Presley being alive and reappearing for his 82nd birthday celebrations by saying that the man’s facial features were not that similar to those of the real Presley.

The official information that fans have been given about Elvis Presley is that he died at Graceland of a heart attack, but millions of people have blamed Elvis’s doctor, George Nichopoulos, for supplying him with barbiturates that may have ultimately caused his death in the end. These pills are alleged to have increased his appetite which may have caused his colon to balloon, leading to his heart failure.

Some fans of Elvis Presley and conspiracy theorists, however, have long believed that Elvis is still alive and may have actually faked his own death in order to escape from the very real pressures of fame. Elvis Presley has been spotted in other odd places before, according to The Sun, which reports that some conspiracy theorists believe he can even be spotted in the 1990 film Home Alone.

Elvis Presley takes a written examination while being processed for the U.S. Army in Memphis, Tennessee on January 4, 1957.

In June 2016, The Express revealed that attention was being given to a groundsman working at Graceland who was thought by some to perhaps be Elvis Presley and which may have been proof that he was still alive. Video clips were posted on YouTube of a grey-haired man with a ponytail working in Memphis, and one poster commented, “Pay close attention as he walks up to the camera. He raises his two fingers to the top of his left head as a proof of life signal.”

What do you think of the conspiracy theory that Elvis Presley is still alive and do you think the recent image of the man captured at Graceland could be Elvis?

[Featured Image by AP Images]