WWE News: Triple H Drops Multiple Hints That He Will Return To ‘Monday Night Raw’ Tonight

It has been four-and-a-half months since the leader of The Authority was seen on WWE television, but that may end up changing soon. Triple H last appeared on Monday Night Raw on Aug. 29, when he interfered in the Fatal Four-Way Match and helped Kevin Owens win the WWE Universal Championship. He’s been busy with NXT and the WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament, but “The Game” may return tonight.

Yes, Triple H has not been seen on WWE television a lot at all in the last year, and he was completely absent for the last quarter of 2016. This past weekend, he was in England for the WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament which saw Tyler Bate win the title, as recapped by the official website of WWE.

After the tournament was over, Triple H didn’t have a lot of time to stand around and talk about it. No, he had to catch a plane, and it seemed as if he was in a pretty big hurry.

Now, he could very well just have said he was heading back to the United States for Monday Night Raw, but that he won’t be appearing on camera. Triple H is known o be backstage for a lot of episodes of Raw to make sure all runs smoothly and help with storylines.

On the other hand, it was really odd for him to make that tweet since he knows how much the WWE Universe takes things and runs with it. As if that wasn’t enough, Wrestling Inc. pointed out a tweet by ESPN that gave another mention of Triple H appearing on Monday night’s show.

Again, it could be nothing and he may have simply been in a hurry to get the long flight over with and arrive backstage at Raw. Well, one may think that, but then, Seth Rollins went ahead and added some more fuel to the fire.

It was back during Triple H’s last appearance on WWE television that Seth Rollins had a run-in with his former friend. During the Fatal Four-Way Match for the WWE Universal Championship, Triple H interfered in the match, and at first, he made it seem like he was siding with Rollins and helping him win the title.

Shortly after bringing Kevin Owens into the ring, Triple H delivered a pedigree to Rollins and allowed Owens to make the pin. Not only did this surprise Rollins and the crowd, but Monday Night Raw general manager Mick Foley and commissioner Stephanie McMahon (Trips’ wife) were stunned as well.

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There has still never been much of an explanation as to why Triple H turned on Seth Rollins and essentially handed the WWE Universal Championship over to Kevin Owens. Maybe, just maybe, there will be some answers tonight.

Monday Night Raw is turning into a really big show tonight with Brock Lesnar’s return, Jeri-Ko gaining more gold and power, and now, Triple H hinting at his comeback too. That’s not even mentioning the expected announcement of Kurt Angle as the first inductee for the 2017 Hall of Fame class as confirmed by the official website of WWE earlier on Monday.

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw is already going to be huge with the return of Brock Lesnar and more Royal Rumble build-up, but the return of Triple H too? It could be that “The Game” is just messing with all the fans and trying to make more people tune in after this weekend’s WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament. Then again, he could make his return after almost five months and make a huge announcement or two.

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