Blake Griffin Dunk Culture, Opponents Avoid Getting Posterized

The Blake Griffin dunk on Miles Plumlee is considered to be similar to the one he posterized Pau Gasol with years ago.

It could be that any Blake Griffin dunk is what fans have to look forward to every time they watch a Clippers game, especially now that he’s recovered from knee surgery, which had him out for a month.

Back in 2012, Bleacher Report wrote about the dunk(s) Blake Griffin got on Pau Gasol, for which the writer was taken aback as they had initially said that people didn’t really care about his dunks.

But what makes his dunk so epic is the illusion he gives of taking complete charge. Notice how nonchalant he is about the dunk when he walks away from it.

There is no doubting the power of the dunk Blake Griffin has over his opponents.

Blake Griffin is the same guy who created the phrase “getting mozgov’d,” which is what he’s been doing to his opponents since he entered the NBA.

In his latest game with the Charlotte Hornets, it seems that Griffin was holding back before Miles Plumlee came in because of how protective he is of the rim. It was time to have some fun with the defender.

This would explain why Blake had to dominate, overpower, and overwhelm the defense.

As a matter of fact, at 28 years of age Blake Griffin doesn’t dunk as much as he used to. There are plenty of fans who remember his dunk history, something to look forward to as if something would be missing from the game had he not have made this dunk a big enough deal.

Blake Griffin takes on Pau Gasol in 2012
Blake Griffin takes on Pau Gasol at the hoop. [Image by Mark J. Terrill/AP Images]

And, much like his mentioned dunk against Pau Gasol, he walked away from it as if it were nothing.

On Feb 2, when the Clippers were against the Golden State Warriors, one of the Warriors defenders saw Griffin getting ready to dominate, Kevon Looney, who seemed to have made the decision to get out of Griffin’s way.

This was also impressive as Blake Griffin had to show them that his knee was fine.

The final score of 107-102 against the Hornets indicates a pretty tight game by both sides. UPI suggests crediting Blake Griffin on behalf of the Clippers for the win.

“Jamal Crawford led the Clippers with 22 points and Blake Griffin narrowly missed his second triple-double of the week, finishing with 20 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists.”

The article also quotes Blake in his review of the game and what he thought was an improvement on the part of the Clippers.

“I thought our help defense was much better tonight. We pulled over, being there for each other, They still hit some tough shots, but I though we were limited guys somewhat well, especially Kembra. He’s kind of the head of the snake for them. I thought we were just on a string and moving with each other a little bit better.”

Blake Griffin rules the court over Miles Plumlee.
From another angle, Blake Griffin looks like a champ with his slam dunk on Mike Plumlee. [Image by Chuck Burton/AP Images]

Yes, Miles Plumlee certainly got checked by Griffin on the court but it wasn’t for lack of trying. It didn’t look as if he was phoning-it-in when he tried to block him at the rim. Credit him for some effort.

But there’s also the idea that players don’t want to be caught in a poster during a dunk if they’re possibly going to been seen as being defeated. Such was likely the case when Looney decided to get out of Blake Griffin’s way during their game early in the month.

This reveals a dunk culture that is built around such a move. Much like the term the Clippers player created, it wouldn’t be surprising if Blake Griffin dunk culture was a “thing” in and out of development.

[Featured Image by Chuck Burton/AP Images]