Filmmaker Joss Whedon Wishes For Death Of Paul Ryan On Twitter ‘Because It’s Funny’

Filmmaker Joss Whedon is a lot of things: a writer, director, and producer, a pop culture icon. One thing he’s not, however, is a fan of Paul Ryan. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer mastermind and Avengers director made that much abundantly clear on Twitter on Friday the 13th. In a profanity-laced and imagery-heavy tweet, Joss Whedon spelled out in no uncertain terms precisely the fate that he’d like to see Paul Ryan face.

It’s not a pretty picture, but Whedon’s not apologizing.

As Fox News reports, Joss Whedon thinks Paul Ryan should meet his end via Rhino.

“Violence solves nothing. I want a rhino to f–k @SpeakerRyan to death with its horn because it’s FUNNY, not because he’s a #GOPmurderbro”

In his tweet, Whedon writes that he wants the rhino to bring about Paul Ryan’s death “because it’s funny.” However, not everyone in the Twitterverse seemed to agree with that take on Joss Whedon’s shocking commentary, and many responded with comments of their own.

Not surprisingly, reaction to Joss’ profane Paul Ryan tweet was largely split along party lines.

Some upset conservative Twitter users even thought that the flagrant death wish constituted a “death threat” and urged people to contact the FBI about Whedon’s Twitter trash talk.

While many were shocked, angered, and offended by Joss Whedon’s Paul Ryan tweet, his opinion of the speaker of the House is nothing new for the Firefly writer. Throughout the contentious and hotly divided 2016 presidential campaign, Whedon made it clear whose side he was on. Whedon even created a pro-Hillary Super PAC, Save the Day, reports the Hollywood Reporter. Further, Joss Whedon donated $1 million of his own cash to help her secure the White House.

“It’s not about attacking because Donny’s real good at attacking himself. It’s about getting people to vote, because it’s frightening the apathy that people are treating the most crucial election of their lifetimes with.”

Despite Joss Whedon’s best efforts, which included putting together an epic, star-studded video as part of his Super PAC commitment and pausing his lucrative and successful Hollywood writing career to work on Save the Day full-time, Hillary Clinton was unable to secure a White House victory. Even though she had one of the largest popular vote victories in modern political history, Clinton was unable to pull off an Electoral College win. And Joss Whedon, like much of Hollywood, is still feeling the sting of that loss.

In fact, while Joss Whedon took to Twitter to bash (and wish a painful, rhino-related demise upon) Paul Ryan on Friday, it wasn’t even the first time the the Cabin in the Woods writer took to social media to bash a Republican last week. On the January 11, Whedon focused his critique on Donald Trump.

In fact, Joss Whedon didn’t even limit his anti-conservative rhetoric to politicians last week. On Friday, at around the same time he was calling for Paul Ryan to come to a vile end, Whedon also focused some of his energy on attacking Nicole Kidman. The reason: Kidman called on citizens of the United States to come together and accept the shocking outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Joss Whedon was clearly not amused.

However, his attack on Kidman didn’t go unnoticed, and Whedon was almost immediately called out for appearing a bit hypocritical in his bashing of folks who don’t share his political beliefs, particularly considering something he’d just retweeted days earlier.

Even supporters of Joss Whedon, per se, seem to have a problem with his anti-Paul Ryan death wish.

Despite receiving a fairly large degree of internet backlash, Joss Whedon appears unapologetic regarding his Paul Ryan tweet (which remains up and unedited), and according to Fox News, none of his reps have returned the network’s requests for comment on the matter.

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