Mykelti Brown Reveals She Is Open To Plural Marriage

When it comes to the children on Sister Wives, a few of them have admitted that they are not sure if they want to live a plural marriage lifestyle. Maddie Brown Brush and her new husband, Caleb, have made it very clear that they don’t have any desire to add another wife in the future. Now, according to All About the Tea, Mykelti Brown admitted last night on the show that she might be open to the idea of having a plural marriage with her new husband, Tony.

During a fun game on the new episode of Sister Wives last night, Mykelti and Tony were asked about the polygamist lifestyle. When asked, Tony said, “No way,” but then he added “#waitwho”? Now, everyone is curious about what this meant and if they might be adding another wife into their family eventually.

Mykelti Brown admitted that there have been a few names come up that she would consider having a polygamist lifestyle with in the future. Robyn admitted that Mykelti had never said she wouldn’t be in a polygamist family in the future, but she had always answered that it would matter if her husband wanted to or not. Mykelti and Tony just got married in December, so don’t expect them to add a new wife to the family anytime soon. She was shy about revealing who the girls were that she would consider in the future.

Mykelti’s mom, Christine Brown, admitted that she didn’t really think they would live a polygamist lifestyle, but now she is very curious to find out more and see what they decide in the future. Everyone is just going to have to wait to see if they add another wife in the future.

Logan Brown and Maddie Brush Brown have made it very clear that they would not add another wife in the future. Instead, they want to just live as husband and wife without adding anyone to the marriage. With so many kids, you can assume that a few of the Brown children will end up living the polygamist lifestyle.

Heavy shared a bit about Mykelti Brown’s new husband, Tony Padron. The two shocked the family when they admitted that they wanted to get married so fast, but it looks like Tony has grown on them. They wanted to get married really fast after Maddie and Caleb, but the family was able to convince them to wait and not get married right away. This way, Mykelti got the wedding that she had always wanted.

Mykelti and Tony were unable to get married in his church due to the lifestyle that her family lives. This means that if they do make the big decision to change their lifestyle, they would have to go to a different church and would not be able to continue at the church Tony has always gone to since he was a child. They did decide to wait until they were married to have sex because this is important to Mykelti. The couple seems like a perfect match for each other, and everyone can’t wait to see how things continue to go for them.

Are you shocked to hear that Mykelti Brown might consider living a polygamist lifestyle in the future? Do you think that Tony and Mykelti will add another wife in the future? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC.

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