Ruby Rose Admits That It Was Fear Of Having To Leave The U.S. That Helped Her Find Fame

Ruby Rose was born Ruby Rose Langenheim in March of 1986. The former DJ, television presenter, recording artist, and Australian model got her show business break when she featured in a short YouTube film titled Break Free in which she cut her hair, removed her makeup, and revealed her tattoos – all to indicate that she was breaking free from society’s rigid rules regarding gender identity.

The actress has reportedly struggled with gender identity since childhood and came out as a lesbian at 12-years-old. Although she achieved success in show business, Ruby Rose always wanted to make a film depicting her struggle with gender identity. Break Free was written and directed by the actress herself, and her video was liked by 80,000 people on Facebook.

Rose’s work was acknowledged by Hollywood filmmakers, and she was given the opportunity to work on Orange Is the New Black, a Netflix show created by Jenji Kohan.

Ruby Rose faced a number of challenges while pursuing her dream to become an actress. While working in her native Australia, she tried her hand at singing and music; however, she really wanted to be an actress but found it tough to break into the movie industry while working in Australia. Her talents were finally recognized when she traveled to the United States and produced Break Free as a way of expressing her ideas and filmmaking style.

But Ruby Rose recently admitted that it wasn’t as simple as it may sound. In fact, it was fear that prompted the actress to create Break Free: the fear of never finding work in the United States and not having her three-year visa renewed.

“To get a three-year visa, you have to prove that you will be an asset to the United States and that you will bring something new, something other people can’t do. I didn’t work for two years. I thought: ‘If I don’t work for the next one, I may not be able to come back.’ So I was getting very scared at that point.”

Today, her dream of becoming an established Hollywood actress has come true, and she is set to feature in four new Hollywood films: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, John Wick Chapter 2, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, and Meg. These movies are all very exciting for Ruby because she’ll be working with famous actors like Milla Jovovich, Keanu Reeves, Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson, Nina Dobrev, and John Stamos.

The Daily Mail reported that the actress features in the second trailer of xXx: Return of Xander Cage, which shows her character preparing an automatic weapon, while Nina Dobrev’s character watches her and appreciates her knowledge of weaponry.

“That’s refreshing, you actually know what you’re doing down there.”

On the personal front, Ruby Rose has rekindled her romance with Jessica Origliasso, one-half of the Australian progressive pop group the Veronicas. For the past 10 years, Rose has been friends with Jessica and her twin sister, Lisa Origliasso, the other member of The Veronicas. Rose is also in touch with their mother, and she’s worked with the twins by mixing “In My Blood,” their hit single. Rose recently became part of the Veronica’s new music video, which was filmed in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, Ruby Rose has been working in New Zealand, where Meg, one of her upcoming movies, is being shot. Rose took a break from her filming schedule and teamed up with The Veronicas to appear in the music video for “On Your Side.” The Herald Sun reported that Jessica Origliasso has confirmed her relationship with the actress by revealing that the music video of “On Your Side” bears testament to the love they share.

“It’s a little confronting. Ruby and I laugh about how people will be seeing us [falling back in love] in real time, now immortalized forever in this video.”

Instead of commenting on her relationship with Jessica, Ruby Rose has been sharing Instagram photos showing her enjoying her time in New Zealand with the Veronicas. According to the New Zealand Herald, the actress posted an Instagram message expressing her excitement at sharing a road trip with the band.

“Road trip with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known and loved @jessicaveronica and the equally divine and force of nature @lisa_veronica plus my rock and soul who is my best friend in the whole world @courtneyafrica”

Ruby Rose even shared an intimate photo of herself with Origliasson on Christmas Day, in which she called her singer girlfriend “my lady.”

Fans of the couple, who rekindled their 2008 relationship in November of 2016, were thrilled to see that Jessica Origliasso accompanied Ruby Rose to her first appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote xXx: Return of Xander Cage on Tuesday, January 10, according to the Herald Sun.

While Rose prepared to make her debut appearance on Ellen’s show, her devoted and incredibly proud girlfriend cheered her on from backstage.

[Featured Image by Victor Chavez/Getty Images]