‘American Horror Story’ Season 7 Spoilers: Everything We Know So Far

American Horror Story Season 7 is expected to drop in 2017, and fans are scouring the internet for spoilers and news about the new season. While nothing much has been confirmed, there are a few things that have been revealed about the upcoming season of the hit FX series.

According to Glamour, American Horror Story Season 7 should premiere this fall. The new episodes are likely to begin airing either in September or October, but what will the theme of those episodes be? The theme of the new season is always the most speculated about, and highly anticipated, bit of news surrounding the show, as well as the casting announcement.

American Horror Story Season 7 Spoilers: What we know so far.
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Since it has only been a couple of months since the most recent season of American Horror Story ended, not much has been revealed about the upcoming Season 7 yet. However, there are a few pieces of information that have been announced. Perhaps the biggest hint at the Season 7 theme is that it will be set in the modern day. Many of the previous seasons were set in the past, but the upcoming set of episodes will take place in the present, according to the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, who called Season 7 a “modern-day story.” Ryan also suggested that some of the characters from Season 4’s Freak Show would also be making appearances in the new season.

Meanwhile, fans are already wondering if FX will choose to hide the theme of Season 7 much like they did with Season 6’s Roanoke, which wasn’t revealed until the premiere episode. Fans really didn’t know what to expect, and multiple fake teasers for the show didn’t help to clarify any of the speculation. However, Ryan Murphy said that the American Horror Story Season 7 theme is currently being kept under wraps as well, but he isn’t sure how much of the information the network will actually release before the premiere.

“We haven’t decided how to do that. There are only three people in the world who know what it is, which is [FX president and general manager] John Landgraf, [Fox Television Group chairman and CEO] Dana Walden, and Sarah Paulson. Last year was successful. I don’t know that we’d do it again. I think maybe we’d release some of it earlier than we did.”

American Horror Story Season 7 Spoilers: What we know so far.
[Image by FX Network]

It has also been announced that American Horror Story staples Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters would officially be returning for Season 7. While this isn’t shocking considering that they have both appeared in every season of the hit horror series, it does offer some relief and excitement to fans of the show. No other cast members have been announced, but viewers are expecting the usual suspects Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Lily Rabe, Finn Wittrock, Emma Roberts, Matt Bomer, Lady Gaga, and Cheyenne Jackson to have roles in the upcoming season.

Of course, the theme of Season 7 will be what every fan is waiting to find out in the offseason of the show. Information on the theme is not expected anytime soon. However, one big hint has already been dropped about the next season of American Horror Story. Right after Season 6’s Roanoke ended, the official AHS social media accounts posted a video of the ocean that read “sweet dreams.” The caption for the cryptic video stated “The monsters are all gone.” Could Season 7 be set on the ocean, possibly on a cruise ship? Fans are already reeling at the possibility of seeing a ghost ship, or some other adventure set on the sea.

What are your thoughts on the latest American Horror Story Season 7 spoilers and news? What would you like to see next season?

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