Kim Zolciak Photoshopped Picture: Why Former ‘RHOA’ Star Is Shutting Down Haters

Kim Zolciak has changed quite a bit from when she first filmed The Real Housewives of Atlanta many years ago. Zolciak was not only a single mother of two daughters, but she also didn’t have the money to undergo various surgeries to change her body. But after meeting and marrying Kroy Biermann and having four additional children, Zolciak decided that she wanted to get her body back, and she went to extremes to get it back. She underwent surgeries, and she’s been using a waist trainer back in Atlanta to get her body back. But it appears that she may have gone overboard with the waist trainer, as she shared a scary picture on Instagram over the weekend.

According to a new Instagram post, Kim Zolciak shared a picture of her body in a red jumpsuit and people were shocked. It seems like every time she shares a picture of her body, Kim looks thinner and thinner. And some people are skeptical of whether she actually looks like this, as she doesn’t look this skinny on Don’t Be Tardy. And maybe this is where the accusations of Photoshop come in.

Kim has been filming Don’t Be Tardy for years, and she never showed off her thinner body on the show. Of course, she is always wearing a bigger sweater or she’s sitting down to do an interview with the producers, but it is possible that Zolciak is indeed very skinny these days. But it is also possible that Kim Zolciak is using an editing app to make her body a bit skinnier than what it is.

“Never been happier!! Vetements Official x juicy couture does it get any better then this! Loving this collaboration!!! This is better then a tracksuit baby! Amazing fabric, same “Juicy” on that ass just a perfect silhouette. Thx! HEAD OVER TO MY SNAPCHAT KimZBiermann IF YOU MUST PUT YOUR MIND AT EASE! No photoshop necessary,” Kim Zolciak revealed while sharing a picture of her body in a red jumpsuit, shocking her followers.

But it sounds like Zolciak is tired of hearing what people have to say about it. On Instagram, Kim had disabled the ability for her fans and haters to leave comments. On her post about her body, it’s only Kim’s description for the image that’s present, and it could be because she’s tired of hearing people’s opinions. And this could be because this is not the first time that she’s been the subject of criticism.

Zolciak has dealt with harsh words once before about her looks. Kim has told people that she simply doesn’t care about what people say about her looks. And even Zolciak’s children have been accused of going under the knife to change their looks, including her oldest daughter Brielle Zolciak. But people could still comment on her new look on Twitter, and it sounds like people have mixed reactions.

“Omg, where did your thighs go?,” one person wrote to Kim Zolciak on Twitter, while others added, “Where’s your waist,” and “You’re losing your damn mind! Your husband isn’t working & you’re so far gone with your looks and spending. You’re going down hill.”

But Kim had just as many supporters as she had haters. Surprisingly, many people told her that she looked awesome and to keep up the great work. And while Kim has some critics, it sounds like she won’t be slowing down when it comes to altering her looks. Instead, expect more shocking pictures from the mother of six.

What do you think of Kim Zolciak’s new body? Are you surprised she’s blocking people’s comments on Instagram to avoid hearing her haters’ opinions?

[Featured Image by Kris Connor/Getty Images for Sherri Hill]