Kenya Moore Finances: Did ‘RHOA’ Star Withhold Money For Charity To Fake Storyline?

Kenya Moore seemed to be all talk and no sales on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta when the ladies got together to have an event to sell their products for the sake of charity. The ladies got together to make money to help the children in Flint, Michigan who had been the victims of the water crisis in Flint. The ladies had agreed to 50% of the proceeds, but Kandi Burruss ended up donating $2,500 while Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams each ended up donating $1,000. As for Kenya, she donated $450.

According to a new tweet, Kenya Moore is now defending her decision to donate $450, as some people thought that it was because she only made a fraction of the earnings that the other ladies made. Throughout the episode, Moore kept mocking her co-stars and their booths, but it sounds like they may have made more money than her.

“You dissed Sheree Whitfield, small booth but she made more sales then you! Lol,” one person wrote to Kenya Moore, who replied with, “Nope. I only gave my cash not credit card sales babe. Thanks for trying to come for me though #Fail.”

It sounds like Kenya wants people to know that she only donated what she was able to make in cash, and she didn’t calculate what she had earned in credit card sales. And it sounds like she may not have paid the agreed 50%. However, a donation is a donation, but that doesn’t seem to work with some viewers.

“Ain’t u supposed 2 b all bout Michigan & u cant even give them at least half yo sells! I thought u was rich?” one person wrote to Kenya Moore, while others added, “she spent too much fixing the windows she had someone break, “right! She prepaid for Matt and the stuff he might break,” and “Gotta create dem fake storylines 2 get invite back, dats da only paychek she get.”

“Kenya you should’ve gave 1,000. Very shameful to give 450 smh,” one person wrote, to which another person defended Kenya Moore, writing back, “it’s called donation what’s shameful about $450?”

It’s surprising that Moore is getting so much criticism for donating $450 to a charity that helps the children of Flint, Michigan after the water crisis. While $450 didn’t sound like a lot, the ladies actually gave out of their own pockets at the event, which came as a huge surprise to Phaedra Parks. But Kenya Moore had a few things to say about her co-stars after being slammed on social media.

“I can teach them 2get educated, the Underground Railroad wasn’t a literal train, & keep your legs closed 2 married men buying Rolls #RHOA,” Kenya Moore wrote on Twitter about her co-stars, hinting that she was slamming Porsha Williams, to which people had plenty of reactions.

“You can also teach them to fake abuse for sympathy and a paycheck,” one person wrote to Kenya Moore, while others added, “it’s so obvious she’s a fraud wtf why they have her on here she ain’t even a good troublemaker she’s played #RHOA,” and “lol boo its time to let the underground railroad gooo! U use dat insult like 80 times. Get sum new material.”

Of course, Kenya Moore seems to be fighting with just about anyone, including Marlo Hampton who made a return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta on last night’s episode of the show. And it sounds like these two may have something to work out.

What do you think of Kenya Moore donating $450 to the charity? Do you think she should have donated, or do you think it’s awesome that she even participated?

[Featured Image by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]