Tori Spelling’s Plans To Alleviate Financial Troubles Before Fifth Baby Is Born

Tori Spelling’s life may appear perfect on the surface, but the actress is battling some serious financial problems. Spelling, born Victoria Davey Spelling in 1973, was sued by American Express due to her inability to pay the debt owing on her credit card. The Daily Mail reports that American Express successfully received a judgment of $37,981.97 plus interest.

Fans would probably be surprised to learn about Spelling’s financial woes because, besides being a well-known actress, she’s also the author of six best-selling books. Even though she has featured in movies and television shows, Spelling still finds it difficult to meet her financial obligations because it appears she’s made some bad financial decisions along the way. According to Entertainment Tonight, the actress spoke about the financial situation she now finds herself in.

“Just because I’m on TV doesn’t mean that I don’t make financial choices that aren’t good. They were really bad ones.”

Even though the Scream 2 actress hasn’t shared any details about these bad decisions, she’s been working hard to meet her financial liabilities by producing reality television shows with her husband, Dean McDermott. Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever and Tori & Dean: Inn Love were two television reality shows that aired on CMT and Oxygen.

However, her bestselling books and television projects have failed to resolve her financial difficulties, so she’s now planning to produce yet another television show that will hopefully provide financial stability. According to Page Six, an insider revealed that Spelling is trying to be the next Martha Stewart by producing a show to be based on crafts and other household activities.

“She’s hoping that if she can brand herself as a Martha-like figure, that can be a way to make some real money going forward.”

Tori Spelling’s new show will also enable the actress to connect with her audience by sharing news about her pregnancy. The actress is expecting her fifth baby, and it’s an exciting time for her family. Spelling has four children from her marriage to Dean McDermott, and her children are reportedly very excited about the arrival of the new baby. According to E!, Spelling spoke about the excitement her four children are feeling about her pregnancy.

“I had them all pretty quickly and all back to back, so they were little. Now they’re four through nine, so they can enjoy this pregnancy and experience it with me. It’s a whole different experience.”

Spelling did admit to People magazine, though, that her husband had an amusing reaction when they found out they were expecting a fifth child.

“I took the test, and Dean said, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to be the Brady Bunch!’ He was saying, ‘We just got Finn out of diapers! I thought we were in the clear!’”

Tori Spelling is hugely relieved because her doctor has reported that she should not face any problems when it comes to childbirth. She had been concerned because she faced health issues while pregnant with her fourth child, Finn; however, the actress plans on enjoying this pregnancy and she’s very excited about the new addition to their family.

In another E! article, Tori Spelling revealed the sex of her unborn baby. With two boys and two girls already in the family, Spelling and her husband were eager to find out if they were going to be adding a new baby boy or girl to the mix.

And as it turns out, the expectant mother is carrying another little boy. The couple made the announcement to their children late last month, by revealing a Christmas tree adorned with blue decorations.

The actress revealed that she had spent a considerable amount of time thinking about a name for her new baby. She recently visited Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation’s Annual ceremony, together with her children, and admitted that she’s feeling the pressure of coming up with the perfect baby name.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]