Jax Taylor On ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Drama: Slams Lala Kent As Drama Continues Off Camera

Jax Taylor has worked at SUR for many years, and one can imagine that he’s very protective of his work, his job, and his livelihood. Since working at SUR, he has been suspended, and he has gotten into trouble with Lisa Vanderpump, but it sounds like he will do just about anything to protect Lisa’s business since Vanderpump has given him so much in return. So when he learned that Lala Kent had dined at SUR after she quit the restaurant and Vanderpump Rules, he felt he had to say something. And things didn’t get any better when he learned that Kristen Doute had also been at the establishment at the same time.

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor is now revealing that Lala is causing trouble and he isn’t happy about it. Taylor revealed on social media that Kent is thirsty for attention and she probably only dined at SUR to cause trouble. And it sounds like Jax Taylor is hinting that the drama continues without the cameras around.

“I swear to god that we have more drama in this group when we aren’t filming then when we do.. it never ends… #PumpRules,” Jax Taylor revealed on Twitter over the weekend, hinting that the drama continues at SUR even though the Bravo cameras are nowhere near the SUR restaurant these days.

“Kristen is delusional if she thinks it’s “her show”. Most don’t care for her and her troublemaking,” one person wrote, hinting that Jax Taylor was referring to a showdown between Kristen and Lala Kent as they made headlines this weekend, to which another person wrote, “Lala’s publicist used Kristen and made up that story to keep Lala in the limelight #Fake.”

It sounds like Jax is referring to an event that happened at SUR this past week, where Kent had a dinner meeting with some DJ friends. Lisa Vanderpump has already questioned why former employees come into the establishment, as she downright called out Stassi Schroeder for dining at SUR. She told her that she could get some takeout instead.

“This chic is thirsty/desperate booted off the show all her married men left her now looking for some one to notice her, what a sad person,” Jax Taylor later added, slamming Lala Kent for causing trouble despite leaving Vanderpump Rules and quitting SUR, to which many of his followers questioned why Lala would even go back to the restaurant to have dinner considering she supposedly quit the show.

The report that Jax Taylor’s followers are referring to had to do with Lala dining at SUR and Kristen Doute flipping out over the news. Apparently, Kristen was also at SUR at the same time, and she was yelling at Kent to leave the establishment.

“She was pointing her finger at Lala saying, ‘Get off my show! You don’t belong here!’ and then ‘Say hi to your boyfriend for me.’ She was bullying her in front of everyone and then making fun of her name—’Who goes by Lala?’” a source has revealed about the screaming match that took place at SUR this weekend, according to E! Online, while an eyewitness added, “We were just trying to have a drink and talk to people in hip hop. Kristen tried to tell people at the restaurant, and the manager Peter, to kick us out.”

It sounds like the eyewitness who offered up statements to E! Online could be friends with Lala Kent. The sources reveal that Kristen acted crazy, yelling at Kent to get out of the restaurant and focused on how Lala wanted to just have a meeting with some producers and work on furthering her music career.

What do you think of Jax Taylor slamming Lala Kent for having dinner and a meeting at SUR?

[Featured Image by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Daily Mail]