‘This Is Us’ Update: Tomorrow Night’s Episode Will Feature Backstory On The Birth Of ‘The Big Three’

Fans of the hit NBC show This Is Us are always eager to tune into the latest episode when it airs at 10 p.m. EST on Tuesday nights. And now, the latest This Is Us update suggests that there will be even more laughter, tears, and laughter through tears in tomorrow night’s episode.

According to the latest This Is Us update from Ecumenical News, fans will see more of the backstory on the birth of “The Big Three” tomorrow night. As we already know, only two of Jack and Rebecca’s three biological children — Kate and Kevin — will survive past childbirth, and Randall — who was found in a fire house — is immediately adopted after Kyle passes away.

Fans will also see the relationship between Dr. K, who ultimately serves as the namesake for “The Big Three,” and the Pearson family develop and come to understand how the widowed doctor becomes such a big part of the family’s lives. And, in an extremely touching moment, Rebecca is shown talking to the babies while they’re in her womb as Jack films her happy, glowing, and ready to be a mother.

Meanwhile, according to the latest This Is Us update from Entertainment Tonight, the friendship between the Pearsons extends offscreen as well. The outlet spoke to Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca on the show, and she recently gushed about how much she “loved” working with Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack. However, she pointed out that people may not be ready for the episodes that are coming up because there seem to be more struggles and losses.

“They’re shooting an episode right now, and I read the script and, like, hyperventilated. I literally had to text Dan, our creator, and was like, ‘People aren’t gonna be ready for this, ’cause I’m not ready for this.'”

Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate Pearson, agreed with her onscreen mother’s assessment of the coming episodes.

“If I think about it, I will cry right now. I saw a screening of it last week and I almost had to excuse myself… I need to not ever be around people when I watch. It’s so beautiful.”

Sounds like we can expect more Pearson family drama!

Finally, according to the latest This Is Us update from TV Guide, we’ll also be learning to love another character in the coming episodes: Miguel, played by Jon Huertas.

As we’ve learned from the past episodes, Miguel — who is Jack’s best friend — feels as though Jack married “way above his station,” and as it stands right now, it looks like Miguel may have “snuck his way in” to the Pearson family. The tension between Miguel and the family, in fact, was evident in the Thanksgiving episode, when Kevin initially refused to let Miguel play “Pilgrim Jack” because that was something his father — and, later, him and his brother Randall — would do “as a family” during the holidays. (Kevin eventually relented.)

But in an interview with the outlet, both Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia ascertained that the viewers need to understand Miguel’s full backstory, especially in how he relates to the Pearsons, before judgment can be passed.

“People just assume that Miguel slithered his way in,” said Mandy Moore. “There’s no way. I know it’s not true, even if I don’t know [the specifics].”

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