Scheana Shay Divorce: How Her ‘Pump Rules’ Friendships Changed During Divorce

Scheana Shay may have known that her marriage was in trouble long before she announced her divorce from Mike Shay back in November as the newest season of Vanderpump Rules started airing. Thus far, Scheana hasn’t hinted of any troubles in her marriage on the show, even though she’s filming throughout the summer. Shay traveled to Montauk with her friends for Stassi Schroeder’s birthday weekend and she never hinted that she was having troubles with her husband. But Shay did wonder if her friends would really be there for her, as they had already questioned her loyalty once.

According to a new Bravo report, Scheana Shay is now revealing that she didn’t feel backstabbed by her friends over the Lala Kent drama that had happened just a few weeks prior to the trip to Montauk. During a sit-down conversation with Ariana Madix as the mediator, Shay told Lala that she was sorry for her role in spreading the rumors about her dating a married man. Katie was shocked and immediately told Stassi and Kristen about Shay’s decision to apologize. And for a brief moment, Vanderpump Rules viewers felt that the girls were bullying Scheana for apologizing to the enemy.

“I don’t see it as my friends bullying me,” Scheana Shay explained to The Daily Dish after facing the confrontation from Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney and Kristen Doute, who all bashed her for apologizing to Lala, adding, “Although Lala may not have done something super terrible to me, she’s done terrible things and said terrible things about some of my best friends. So as much as I may be able to get over that easier, it still doesn’t sit well with me. So I understand where their concern comes from.”

During Scheana Shay’s surprise party for her husband, she was confronted by Stassi and Katie, who were furious with her for apologizing to Lala. Stassi kept making the argument that Lala had been very rude to Maloney, including calling her fat, which Schroeder found to be unforgivable. But Scheana Shay wanted to apologize for all of the things she had said about Kent that were false, not exactly become best friends with her.

“For myself, I just felt like, ‘Look, if I’ve been saying things about you that aren’t true, I’m gonna apologize,’” Scheana Shay continues to the Daily Dish, adding she felt it was necessary to apologize for her involvement in the rumors, sharing, “But everything we said about [Lala] was really true, so I thought I was being witty with it, they didn’t, and we’ve moved past that.”

During the following months, Shay clearly started struggling in her marriage, which is something fans will start seeing on Vanderpump Rules. She has hinted as to why her marriage ended, but more reasons may be provided on the show. And it sounds like she’s thankful for her friends for being there.

“With my friends, I mean, as you’ve seen for the last five years, it’s always very up and down, but they’re such a strong support system for me, and we always find our way back to each other,” Scheana Shay continues to the Daily Dish about her friends standing up for her when they learned about her marital problems, adding, “They really have been here for me through the last two months that I’ve been going through the divorce and all that. And that’s when you really know who your friends are. It’s like, who’s there for you when you really need them?”

What do you think of Scheana Shay’s comments about her friends? Are you surprised that she’s standing up for her friends, even though they haven’t always been there for her?

[Featured Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]