Brad Pitt And Kate Hudson Reportedly Dating, Actress Allegedly Confirms Sexy Hook-Up

Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson are reportedly dating. The two have been rumored to be hooking up for several weeks now, and new reports claim that the actress recently admitted that she has met up with Brad Pitt for some sexy rendezvous that have happened on “multiple occasions.”

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Kate Hudson spilled the beans at two Golden Globes’ after-parties, chatting with pals about her new guy.

This is the first time that Brad Pitt has been linked to someone following his split from Angelina Jolie. The romance rumors have been around for months, with many thinking this was just more tabloid nonsense. Now, there appears to be some truth to these dating rumors.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson haven’t taken their relationship public by any means. Pitt’s 2016 divorce from Angelina Jolie was shocking for the world, but it was all-encompassing for him and for his family. The rumors about child abuse and an alleged affair with actress Marion Cotillard littered the internet for weeks. It’s clear that Brad Pitt didn’t need any more attention, so he laid low for a while.

In fact, when Brad Pitt showed up at the Golden Globes last week, his appearance was unannounced. While fans were thrilled to see him, it’s obvious that Brad Pitt didn’t want anyone to make a stink over his time at the mic. After presenting at the show, Pitt seemed to go right back into hiding.

As for how Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson are getting on, sources say that the two are keeping things really quiet. In fact, the two didn’t even connect at the Golden Globes — perhaps on purpose.

“Despite not making an appearance together, the pair may have managed to squeeze in some private time, with the mag reporting that Kate, 37, was spotted having an ‘intimate’ conversation with Brad’s agent, Bryan Lourde, before being spirited away from the party in a car that had the exact same number plate as the one that Brad left the earlier ceremony in.”

Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson live fairly different lives, so it’s unknown how they will make a serious relationship work. Kate spends a lot of down time with her family (especially mom Goldie Hawn and brother Oliver Hudson) and her two sons, Ryder (with ex-husband Chris Robinson) and Bing (with ex-fiance Matthew Bellamy). Brad is often traveling the world and, since his divorce, has reportedly been trying to see his six kids whenever he can.

A custody battle is allegedly ongoing and keeps Brad fairly busy.

Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson haven’t actually been photographed together — yet — by the ever-watching paparazzi. Plus, Kate Hudson hasn’t featured Brad Pitt on social media (she is very active on Snapchat). For these reasons, one can presume that the new couple wants to keep things as quiet as possible — at least during these new relationship stages.

Kate Hudson

It is unknown if Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson have any plans when it comes to taking their (alleged) relationship public. Hudson is a fairly private person and doesn’t often let people know what she’s up to in her personal life. Over the summer, Kate Hudson was linked to Nick Jonas — and she hardly let on about that romance ever. While a relationship with Brad Pitt sounds more serious in general, it could be in the best interests of both actors to keep things on the down low.

Do you think Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson make a cute couple? Do you think that this Hollywood relationship will last?

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