‘The Bachelor’ Final Rose Spoilers: Did ‘Reality Steve’ Get It Wrong About Nick’s Season Finale?

Bachelor star Nick Viall’s season will come to an end on March 13, and fans will finally find out if he gets engaged or rejected at the final rose ceremony. His tagline this season is “fourth time’s a charm,” and spoilers point to the charm being a big Neil Lane engagement ring.

However, viewers may be in for a bit of a surprise when they watch the finale and the live After the Final Rose special. Did blogger Reality Steve’s sources give him false information about Nick’s final pick, and will fans have flashbacks to Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette when Nick hands out his final rose?

Warning: Bachelor Season 21 spoilers are ahead.

Bachelor Nick Viall with Season 21 villain Corinne Olympios

Die-hard fans will recall that Steve said he was “100% convinced Desiree got engaged to Brooks,” yet she gave her final rose to the man who would eventually become her husband, Chris Siegfried.

“Even as I was live tweeting last night during the show,” Reality Steve wrote after the August 2013 finale. “I was so sure of the information I’d seen and heard this season, that I still thought it was going to be Brooks.”

What makes Nick’s season different? Is he more confident in his sources? Bachelor fans who doubt Steve’s credibility this season are probably aware that Desiree’s season wasn’t the only time Steve has been wrong. And although he seems to be confident that Nick gets engaged, it certainly doesn’t help that the 36-year-old former software salesman is acting like a playboy this season.

His sexually-charged interactions with 24-year-old contestant Corinne Olympios are prompting fans to wonder if he’s really serious about finding a wife. Will he leave the show single or completely surprise viewers with his final pick?

Before getting into the outcome of Nick’s season, let’s take a look at the four other seasons where Reality Steve was given incorrect information about the final rose ceremony.

Jezebel points out that Steve predicted Kaitlyn Bristowe would ditch both Nick and Shawn, and fans know how that turned out thanks to Kaitlyn’s Snapchat. And then there’s Ali Fedotowsky’s season of the Bachelorette. Steve predicted she would leave the show single (she picked Roberto Martinez), and Steve admits that he got the ending wrong on both of Brad Womack’s seasons of The Bachelor.

However, despite the fact that his final rose spoilers have been wrong five times, the popular blogger has been right more often than not. He has correctly spoiled the outcome of several seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette and the franchise’s summer spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise as well.

Bachelor Nick Viall and Corinne during Week 2 group date

Skeptics may point to ABC’s Bachelor Season 21 preview video below as the reason Steve’s spoilers may be wrong. The final rose ceremony was filmed in Finland last November, and the video teaser shows contestant Raven Gates stating that Nick may leave “without a wife.”

That line has prompted speculation that there won’t be a proposal at the end of the show and the “fourth time is a charm” line just didn’t work out.


However, anyone who has watched multiple seasons of the show knows that producers can edit footage from various episodes, something that could lead viewers to doubt the spoilers.

Although there are plenty of clips that show the girls questioning Nick’s intentions this season, Reality Steve states in his episode-by-episode spoilers that he is confident that Viall will get down on one knee and propose to Vanessa Grimaldi, a special education teacher from Montreal, Canada.

If the spoilers turn out to be true, will Nick finally ditch the single life and get married? Watch the After the Final Rose special that airs following the March 13 season finale to find out if he is headed to the altar or not.

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