Here’s How Excited Fans Are For ‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2’s April 2017 Release

One of the highly-renowned anime series will attack very soon! Attack on Titan Season 2 is officially set for April 2017 release, as revealed by a trailer courtesy of Kodansha Comics and Funimation. Watch it below.

Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki No Kyojin, is one of the most popular and successful manga and anime series of today. Obviously, avid fans are already excited for Season 2’s looming release. The waiting game got even more intense when the trailer was released right before Christmas. As days pass by, more and more fans are starting to get hyped up with the AOT Season 2’s release craze. Here are some of the latest reactions from fans we found on Twitter.

“Yo the trailer for Attack on Titan Season 2 looks lit af” – @OGCharismaticMF


I’ve watched the attack on titan season 2 trailer an unhealthy amount of times” – @idc_moises

“Aww, how I wish, there would be the Episode 1 of Attack on Titan Season 2. Gawd, I’m starting to like Levi! He’s SO cool.” – @Oswanggit

“Omfg I just saw the trailer for season 2 of Attack on Titan and I can’t wait


” – @michobendystraw

“I’m literally only alive on this earth bc I’m waiting for season 2 of attack on Titan this better be worth it” – @verhaos

“I’m so ready for Attack on Titan season 2.” – @Jeescuh

“season 2 of attack on titan is what will save me this year i feel it” – @gurjap_s

Moreover, YouTube channel Fine Brothers Entertainment made a reaction video while teens watch the trailer of Attack on Titan Season 2.

Attack on Titan, which will be back for its Season 2 three months from now will showcase “new titans, new locations, and new human warriors as well as many familiar faces,” according to Funimation. If you are particularly looking forward to new Titans, highlighted in the trailer are two Titans set to appear once the anime starts its run in April. AOT manga readers will easily identify these Titans shown in the trailer as Beast Titan “who’s covered in hair and has doe-eyes” and the other one is Ymir Titan, described by ComicBook as “an impish creature with talon-like nails.”

Meanwhile, those who are interested to know how involved the manga creator, Hajime Isayama, with the creation of Attack on Titan Season 2, a separate report from Comic Book cited an interview of Isayama and director Tetsuro Araki with Bessatsu Shonen Magazine where the manga artist revealed that he was part of the screenwriting.

Funimation logo seen on red carpet backdrops present during the premiere of Attack on Titan movie.

The mangaka, during the August 2016 interview about Attack On Titan, told the following, as translated by Suniuz.

“It took us some time [to get the season prepared]. However, the time we have spent builds up to a much better planning and higher quality of the anime. I truly feel this way because I am involved in the screenwriting work. We will keep you waiting for a little bit of time, but please look forward to the anime!”

Early December last year, Funimation Entertainment announced their acquisition and the worldwide return of Attack on Titan with the anime series’ Season 2. The first season aired in US and Canada in 2013.

“Attack on Titan’ is one of those rare titles that has reached true cult status with anime fans, the COO and executive vice president of Funimation, Mike DuBoise, said about the anime, cited in its official website. “It’s been more than 3 years since the last episode of ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 1, and passion from its fans has not waned. We look forward to premiering it on FunimationNow.”

[Featured Image by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for FUNimation Entertainment]