‘General Hospital’ News: Will Julian Jerome Eventually Be Killed Off? Actor William deVry Is Up In The Air On Renewing His Contract [Spoilers]

Many actors have come and gone on soaps and ABC’s General Hospital is no exception. They have lost quite a few talented people over the years. Will William deVry be the latest? Fans certainly hope this is not the case, but news of his possible departure is coming to the forefront once again.

The actor, who plays the role of mobster Julian Jerome, may or may not be sticking around, according to a report by Serial Scoop. His contract is apparently up for renewal in five months, and he is not sure if he will sign another one or not. There is also the possibility that the execs at General Hospital will just decide to kill off Julian Jerome eventually. Of course, even if deVry would decide to renew, the contract negotiations could go awry as they have with previous actors.

Remember that GH vet, Tyler Christopher, had left the soap last year when his contract negotiations fell through. Fans were so disappointed when that happened, so you just never know what the future holds for anyone on a daytime drama. There has been hope that Christopher will eventually return to his role as Nikolas Cassadine, who was supposedly killed by the mysterious Valentin Cassadine. They haven’t replaced this character, so that could mean that they are leaving it open for the original actor to return someday.

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As for William deVry, he doesn’t seem to know at this point whether he wants to continue with his General Hospital role. He seems to be taking the next few months to decide what he wants to do as his words indicate that he is still considering his future.

“You have to cross that bridge as the world unfolds before you- that’s all you can do in daytime.”

His character of Julian Jerome has been in the forefront these past few months, even if it has been a controversial road for the mobster. His coupling with lawyer Alexis Davis has been a fan-favorite, but it all went crazy when Julian put a knife to his wife’s throat last year in his effort to kill her. That has obviously been a thorn in their turbulent relationship, especially now that it looks like they may be getting back together eventually.

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That possibility has General Hospital fans torn on whether these two should really get back together or if Julian’s redemption should not include getting back with Alexis. Those scenes were quite rough and shocking for Julexis fans to watch. Even if Julian Jerome is redeemed, some may still not want him to get back with Alexis. However, there are many viewers who are holding out hope for their possible reunion.

If deVry chooses not to renew his contract in the spring, this would leave it open for Julian to be killed off, especially considering that he is in the mob and is right now in deep trouble with someone in control of his life. That person has not definitely been revealed just yet, but it looks like the woman could be his dead sister, Olivia Jerome, who is calling the shots. Her brother killed her years ago, and she may just be back for revenge. This is a juicy story line right now. General Hospital spoilers posted by Soaps She Knows for this week says that Julian will be facing his demons. What are they exactly?

William DeVry told Soaps In Depth that he loves this story line with actress Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays his wife, Alexis Davis. He also said that he can’t wait for fans to find out what is really going on with his character. You have to admit, it has been at times painful to watch how he has treated Alexis these past few months. He has been downright cruel to her, and she has recently turned to alcohol because of it.

Would you be upset if William DeVry decides not to renew his General Hospital contract? What are your thoughts on Julian and Alexis getting back together after all they have been through?

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