Amanda Bynes: Tanning Salon CEO Denies Actress Walked Into Lobby Nude

Amanda Bynes is denying she walked into a tanning salon lobby naked, and it seems she has at least one supporter in the salon’s CEO, James Oliver.

Oliver, CEO of “Beach Bum Tanning,” is backing up Bynes’ claims that she wasn’t walking around one of the company’s New York City salon’s naked, reports The Examiner.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the 26-year-old actress was seen in the New York City tanning salon walking around the lobby naked and dazed. A witness stated:

“[She] didn’t seem to care that everyone saw her naked.”

Amanda Bynes has since threatened the magazine who began the rumor, In Touch, with a lawsuit. Initial reports made the rounds on the internet, saying that the actress apparently forgot to put on a robe before she searched out a pair of tanning goggles in the lobby area.

Another witness added that Bynes appeared “painfully thin,” adding that “she seemed totally out of it.” The Huffington Post notes that Oliver is supporting Amanda Bynes. He stated:

“Employee testimony and security footage have confirmed that Ms. Bynes was not acting inappropriately. She is a long-time client and we stand by her account.”

The actress has also spoken out about the allegations that she was nude in the lobby of a tanning salon, saying:

“I’m suing In Touch for printing a fake story. I’m not ‘troubled.’ I don’t get naked in public. I’m 26, a multi-millionaire, retired. Please respect my privacy.”

Do you believe the allegations that Amanda Bynes was naked in a tanning salon?