Alabama GOP Planning Gun Range Party For Election Night

The Alabama GOP is planning a gun range party for Tuesday’s election night. Participants will be allowed to shoot a few rounds off as they watch the election results come in.

The state’s Republican Party has invited its supporters to Hoover Tactical Firearms for what they call a “victory party” on Tuesday night, reports The Washington Post.

The facility, located in suburban Birmingham, is 52,000-square-feet and sells firearms in addition to being an indoor gun range. People at the facility can either shoot their own guns or those that are available for rent.

The Alabama GOP sent out an announcement about the gun range party, saying that the shooting ranges will be available to guests for two hours during the election night event.

Along with shooting guns, participants will also be treated to a live band and an appearance by Miss Alabama, according to The Decatur Daily.

Party spokeswoman Shana Kluck assured on Monday night that loaded guns will only be allowed on the firing range and drinking will not be allowed while people from the event are shooting. She stated, “There will be no alcohol allowed at the shooting ranges.”

Kluck also stated that participants at the Alabama GOP gun range party won’t be allowed to bring their own ammunition but will instead have to purchase bullets at Hoover Tactical Firearms.

Party leaders are also undecided on whether there will be alcohol at the party. The Alabama GOP expects that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will easily win Alabama.

Do you think it’s a good idea for the Alabama GOP to host a gun range party on election night?

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